New world vs World patch

Those who know me well know that I am very PvE orientated, a casual that tries her best and reward driven. Before the patch I was a modest WvW level of 232. I like WvW but it’s not really a game mode I think of going in to play regularly, I might join for a guild event or because a friend has asked, but that’s about it.

Before the influx of tomes of knowledge and level up scrolls, I used to level my alts in EOTM (Edge of the Mists) and I do prefer the zerg fights over roaming in small groups or on your own.

This is due to me not being the greatest PvP player and I know that I would just get ganked, so I play classes and builds that are geared towards being in a zerg, don’t get me wrong I don’t just stand in a group of people spamming 1111111, but I do need the group of people for protection, I always carry supplies, build for the comm and send him blueprints when I get them, so I guess I’m a more considerate PvE scrub in that game mode lol

This new WvW patch was great for me this weekend. During the day when I am on I sometimes lack things to do. Once I have done my T4s, gathering & the odd little farm I start twiddle my fingers, but this weekend was great as I simply joined a queue whilst I potted around doing my routine stuff and was then ready to participate in World vs World, I spent most of the day Saturday and Sunday running around killing and being killed and managed to get to silver.

The skirmish rewards work a bit like PvP where you have chest after a certain amount of pips are collected: Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Mithril & Diamond (repeatable)

I personally think the patch is great, not only was I levelling a reward track for unique skins, I was also earning pips and gaining levels. The Skirmish chests had various choices of rewards, I personally chose the guild hall decorations, but it gave players a lot of freedom in choice, depending on what they needed.

You can choose the following: Superior Siege Blueprint Case, Improvement and Tactic Pack, Tricks and Traps Capsule, Canned Food Crate, Siege Decoration Case, Unidentified Dye, Transmutation Charge, Badge of Honour (20) & Proof of Heroics (6)

So how does the pip system work?

Pips are earned with each tick if you have achieved at least Tier 3 participation. You earn pips based on – whether you have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd, your WvW rank, whether you are commanding or not or if you are playing on an outnumbered map.

  • The Skirmish Reward Track is only available in Eternal Battleground and the three Borderlands. Playing in Edge of the Mists will not reward any pips.
  • Every week a maximum of 175 WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket can be obtained, requiring 1450 pips in total. The Skirmish Reward Track resets on weekly WvW reset.

This patch has bought some downsides, one of them being the queues. I personal transferred from DESO server to a lower tier server, so now I am paired with the large servers. I am seeing queues of around 40-60 on bad days and 80-100 on good days.

A friend mentioned this would now be a good time to separate the servers again to reduce the queues, but I think ANet should wait a few weeks as it might die down once the PvErs realise it won’t be a quick grind for armour etc.

Like usual there are a small number of people that ruin it for others. Despite the large queues, the maps might not contain big zergs & lots of roamers like you would imagine, this is because there are people just standing AFK on spawn leeching pips….

You will always get leechers, but ANet need to do more in support of reports etc, people won’t leech if there is a risk in doing it, this also goes for PvP & other events implemented.

Beside all that I had a lot of fun, I played for hours and will most definitely be doing it every weekend and maybe the odd evening if I have downtime from PvE 🙂

If you haven’t entered WvW before, then now is the time to get involved, you never know you might enjoy it! You can even have a live map on your second screen –

Here are some WvW guides and facts etc:


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2 thoughts on “New world vs World patch

  1. KarmaKnitsLove says:

    The flamingos, and one with a taco, totally crack me up – I could watch them and giggle all day 😀 Thanks for the overview. I haven’t been in WvW in a long time. Total PvE’er


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