I touched The Tree!! – Wing 4

I originally wrote this to post a week and a bit ago 😦 unfortunately I wasn’t aware Windows 10 stopped supporting Movie maker so had to find new software to edit my boring run through. I also had a small operation so haven’t been around that much, but I am now back in force

When episode 5 hit. I was lucky enough the get my Deimos kill, which meant I had my own cleared instance. 🙂

Friday night I joined several PUG groups to use my heart and try and get that Cairn achievement done.

It was painful as I am still slightly inexperienced myself. The first group I joined was a bit messy so I politely left and then just sat tight in LFG waiting for something to pop up.

I quickly joined a group asking for 150li and when I got in I was a little overwhelmed. Little scrub me was hanging with people that were confidently displaying the silent savoir and deimos demise titles.

Whilst watching chat it became apparent that these guys were also farming the achieve so I let them know I was too. I couldn’t believe my luck as this group was just going to keep trying until all their buddies got it.

The first two goes I didn’t get it, I messed up and missed a port. The other time I DC’d and laid there dead.

The 3rd go was my time. I fucked up everywhere, I was getting bounced about by shards, porting to late to circles and got ported out if stack, but no matter what happened I managed to get back in on time and killed it and my heart achieve pinged.

After a big YES YES YES joyful screams of achievement I went back and in filmed the cleared instance as I did the other wings and touched the tree. (Well…. knelt)

Here is the vid of the cleared instances and the cutscenese.

Enjoy 🙂



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