Expansion and the Leaks


This week has been quite eventful hasn’t it. We get given a load of leaks, Legendary armor,  the next episode of living story and Expansion has been confirmed for this year. We have even had an enemy boob request!

Lets quickly move onto and leave the “Leaks” I must admit I do like the little leak here an there, it keeps me engaged and the hype gets real. It doesn’t take much to excite me, but these leaks this week I think went a bit too far. I personally am in agreement with most of the community that too much information may have spoiled the hype that is due a little later, it might make what ANet say appear more “meh” I also agree that all these people leaking and ignoring the NDA are really wrong and shouldn’t go unpunished.

Last night there was an AMA on Reddit. you can find the full post here but some kind soul has summarised it all for us on the below link!! thanks 🙂 x

The most important thing to note is that MO (Mike O’Brien) did the right thing by acknowledging the leaks and not just ignoring what has gone on this week. I don’t normally agree with a lot of what the user below says but this time in their reply to MO’s comment they got it right.


MO has also confirmed what everyone has been waiting for, he has confirmed that the Living Story will be announced following Episode 6, people are currently speculating this to be in the fall. I personally would love it to be mid to end of Oct/Nov so I can take some time off work!


For the next week or so I am going to be busy working my way through the next living story episode and the achievements and explore the new area and obtain some collectibles.

I was lucky this week to get a wing 4 clear so I will film myself running about that as I have done for the other 3 wings and I need to go and touch that tree at some point for the armor collection. Once this is done I have then then get the achievement done on W4B1 and I have enough stuff to make my first set of legendary armor, I will most likely chose light as this is what I use the most (necro in fractals)




2 thoughts on “Expansion and the Leaks

  1. Rocco B says:

    Good on MO on dealing with the leaks. For me leaks don’t bother me, although it will for most. I enjoyed the current lw. My criticisim is that; the reveal was too early.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. Agreed. It was probably in his best interest to bash out a quick sentence before as if he didn’t all questions on the AMA would have been leak orientated.

      I watched the wooden potatoes vid again about it! I guess people don’t think about the partners and their loss of work in it all either! I know I didn’t until I saw the vid.

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