W2 Z3 SAB Tribulation Mode – I did it!!!!!

I am so chuffed, since ANet patched the ice I gave zone 3 another shot. The ice floor room was a little easier but overall it took me over 3 hours to get the whole zone done and I don’t think I ever want to do trib modes in world 2 ever again.

(Maybe zone 1, but what’s the point of just doing one zone, I would have to do all zones to get the tokens to make weapons to make it worth it so I won’t be doing any!)

I now have the achievement ticked off, I have 1 yellow weapon and I can buy the dusk boom box, I already have the moto infusion from world 1 trib modes and I really couldn’t care about the other infusion, I have so many anyways!

They are so long and so unforgiving, one little slip or miss click can set you more further back than world 1.

Connoisseur of Pain

I decided to log in as invisible so I cannot be distracted by guild chat etc  – there were places that took me 30 mins to get past and I got sweaty hands, there were places that made me scream “OMFG I forgot about this bit”, it bought back memories from when I was collecting all the baubles from the achievement last year 😦

There were a few places I had to get past that actually made me cry, as I had got so far I couldn’t give up and I just had to plough though it and carry on through the pain.

When I got to the Storm Wizard I unclenched my butt cheeks and killed the little fella, and as soon as I got the chest and the AP flashed up I ran to the kitchen and treated myself to a nice strong cold vodka and coke!

My game client crashed the first 5 mins in and I had to restart, if this had happened further in god knows what I would have done, but I imagine I would have smashed something close by.

For all those people that put in the practice and got the time of the runs down to 10 to 30 mins, I hold my hat off to you all! Well done!

SAB achievs


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