Super Adventure Box 2017

Super Adventure Box is back!!

I got all excited, I bought the glider and the mini’s and set out to finish what I started last year. Last year was the first proper shot at S.A.B and I have to complete world 1 and 2 in both normal and infantile. I only managed to get world 1 done in infantile last year as I was going after the Moto Infusion.

This means I had to do world 2 in Tribulation mode this year and I knew it was going to be hard.


But…..OMG I didn’t think I would struggle this much. Knowing what I know now, I sorta wish I bought the levels last year knowing you cant this year, just to have the infusion, but never mind.

As it stands today I have managed to get Zone 1 and 2 done, 1 was ok and 2 I quit and re did the following day as I had one too many vodkas. It was painful took a few hours but did it, it was then I realised I might not be good enough to master these zones in tribulation to get them done quick enough to obtain 16 of each coins to unlock the yellow weapons and get the blue infusion.

So off I went to World 2, Zone 3 in tribulation mode – it was tricky but I did find it a little easier than Zone 2, until I reached the spot where there is a whole floor of ice and spikes and little squares that are safe, I was here for hours and was just sliding around and had no control.

SAB Woes

So I ditched it and I don’t think I could bring myself to go back until they patch the ice problem. I read on Reddit that this is not intended to be as bad and they are planning to patch it, so until then I will not be going back.

This morning I went back into World 2, Zone 2 to feed the cat for your home instance, you had to carry a piranha back to the cat that is in the tower with all the ramps and darts… you have to drop and pick up the piranha every few seconds or its explodes and disappears. this took me a while,  but I finally did it and I now have a cat in my home instance with a Moto Infusion and an S.A.B title.


SAB Cat2

Cute huh?

I run world 1 and 2 on a daily basis to get baubles and furniture coins from the shop, doing this also gives you a chance of a weapon box drop.

While I am there I also fit in the dailies. if you repeat the daily every day, after 8 days you get a reward chest, this gives you a choice of Kaiser weapon skin and this year 8 Crimson tokens to unlock the Red weapons. I recommend you at least try to fit this in if you have not got time to do tribulation etc.

Once I have made further decorations for my guild hall, I will update my S.A.B area, cant wait to do the new decor 🙂

As always, Dulfy has it covered



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