R.I.P Scarlet Briar, another year on :(

Another year has passed that marks the death of Scarlet. I always mark her death as the date of the patch release, Battle of Lions Arch, when we killed her. 04.03.2014

Anyone close to me will knows I adored Scarlet and the era of the game she was involved in. I was relatively new to the game when Scarlet popped up and she grabbed my attention from the beginning and have found it hard to forget.
A lot of people said the story of scarlet was poorly written, it may well have been, but there was some incredible content.

Scarlet bought us the tower of nightmares, that’s now a fractal! She bought us The Twisted Marionette that I believe will be released as a new fractal soon! Fun fact – I still have that wallpaper as my desktop wallpaper.

Scarlet also bought open world battles, we witnessed the Lions Arch fall, we rescued loved ones and we witnessed the rebuild of the city.

We can even go as far to say that scarlet bought the first ever lesbian kiss! In my eyes she’s a big deal!!!!

One of my friends suspects Queen Jennah is actually scarlet

Quote from the wiki –

Scarlet Briar, born Ceara, was the secondborn sylvari responsible for the destruction of Lion’s Arch, and the subsequent awakening of Mordremoth in 1327 AE.

I have some soundcloud clips on my side bar of scarlet – have a listen and if you haven’t got it already found and grab her journal in game!

Fun facts

  • She wore Magitech armor.
  • Scarlet had a unique hairstyle originally not available to players. It was added later in game.
  • Scarlet’s voice actress is Tara Strong.[3]
  • Scarlet could be seen holding Quip during Scarlet’s Playhouse instance.


Last year’s reddit post – some amazing comments – Link

Breachmaker mini game – Link


3 thoughts on “R.I.P Scarlet Briar, another year on :(

  1. KarmaKnitsLove says:

    I loved this part of the game and wish the Marionette could have stayed in game. Never understood why it had to go – we still fight Tequatl daily, so why not keep the Marionette, too?


  2. Galactrix says:

    I wish they would release a fully replayble story journal version of Scarlet’s arc/ Living Story Season 1. I did most of it except for Taimi’s intro and the Battle of Lion’ Arch so I missed the best part 😭

    When you look through the journal it feels like a whole chunk of story is missing under the season 1 banner.


    • Emmalouise says:

      Yes, That would be a great idea. I would love to read a little lore book of what went on with her. Didn’t Taimi state shes bringing back the machine? ANet could quit easily slip this in and it wouldn’t feel out of place!!


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