The Head of the Snake

So in Head of the Snake we travel to Lake Doric, yes Lake Doric that was quoted by ANet that wasn’t going to be released. I agree its different to the leaked one, but it’s still Lake Doric.

The Story starts by going to visit Queen Jennah and we needed to gather information from various people in the area. Based on this info she called a meeting and we were attacked. Bloodstone shards were fired from Lake Doric. The Queen then put a massive feedback bubble over the city to protect it and an assassin is sent to kill her, the assassin fails and we headed to Lake Doric.

Lake Doric is a nice area, there are some nice events and a leather farm. It did make me chuckle a little. ANet stated they will be adding a challenging farming area for leather, this turned to be and easy zerg run.
To progress your story you have to complete map events and hearts, I hated this, I don’t like being forced to do crappy events if I don’t want to at that time, I rarely complete hearts and do map events unless I need map completion.

The last bit of the story took us to Beetlestone Manor. I really enjoyed this aspect of the story, it seemed more engaging.  The end fight wasn’t hard to work out and the room was weird in a good way. One of the achievements, Master of Puppets,  was to run around collecting the letters and whilst doing this I found Lord Faren in a room with what I think was some girls, and he came out with the words “Im Rich, You know” I was like WTF and laughed.

I later found a cat, I kicked myself for not knowing there was one there before as I knew I had to repeat the story 😦

After collecting all the letters you uncover Caudecus’ schemes against Kryta and later at his private quarters you make a shocking discovery – the “Lazarus”  we saw was an imposter! Marjory, who had joined Lazarus, was now in danger.

A friend of mine also thinks that Queen Jennah is scarlet, what a statement to make!

This episode gave some more little books to keep. Letters we collected in the manor and Letters from E. I still have scarlets journal and the three from bloodstone, I just need a bookcase now 🙂

As usual Dulfy has great guides up and most certainly geloed me find a few mussibg bits.

Overall the story was ok to play through alone, it had no annoying achievements to do and its put a nice twist in the story.

The update also bought a new raid wing, information for this can be found here, some polishing to Fractals, new PvP map achievements and the usual gem store items.


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