I say farewell to my raid group :(

So…. I left my raid group,

We were a bunch of Semi Casual players that liked to do challenging content i.e. raids, but were not at pro level. So this means although we worked our way through the bosses, collectively  as a group we did it slower than we did if we joined pugs seperatly etc.

It was mostly about meeting up once a week, killing what we could in a calm manner, we did achieve and got things done. We were a crazy, fun, amazing bunch and the meetups were increased to two nights when new Wings were released.

One person who joined the group at a later stage seemed to get moodier and moodier and things just were becoming less and less fun.
I put up with it for some time and on a few occasions this person would really upset me, it got to the point where it was happening more often, he would openly be abusive to people, rage or quit mid run. If you mentioned something there was a risk he would go into defensive mode and assume you are talking about him and become unreasonable, so this made you just not bother coming up with suggestions in fear he will go off on one so you just learned to suppress stuff. 

I spoke to the raid leader numerous times and mentioned if he allows this to carry on we will lose members, it appeared he never did have that chat and last week was enough for me, so I left and I have literally erased him from my life: my personal guild, friends, social media, EVERYTHING. We all play games for fun, and if you are no longer having fun you need to sort the issue right?

It’s a real shame I had to do it, I am actually really gutted, devestated even and some of the people I will sorely miss. I had some really good times with them. He was actually a good commander, he knew what he was doing, called things really well and could be a really nice guy. It’s a shame all this got over shadowed by all his rage. 😦

If I really wanted to I could pug wings 1-3 as I have enough “LI and kill proof”. I have only killed bosses 1 & 2 in Wing 4 and even those were pretty much a carry as I missed out on training. but I just don’t have the energy for it I don’t think.

I did see a nice little casual guild recruit on reddit. Advertising for “Trainees” in their aim to create a few static raid groups, I have joined them and I will be doing a few raids with them, but at a distant level until I feel it is the right time to dive back in, they looked too much of a good thing not to join even if my heart wasn’t yet in it, I know it will be.


2 thoughts on “I say farewell to my raid group :(

  1. KarmaKnitsLove says:

    I’m glad you were able to pull yourself out before it ruined the game! It’s so hard to play with people who are verbally abusive – even if they aren’t that way all of the time. I belonged to a guild with a some days abusive leader for a long time, and the thing I didn’t like was the way you didn’t know whether he would be nice or nasty in any moment.

    My hat is off to you for doing raids! I haven’t dared try raids. I’m the person who will pug into a dungeon and get either kicked or left behind dead because I make mistakes. It’s a miserable experience, so I just do what I can solo.

    Good luck with your new crew! I’m sure they will be happy that you already have experience.


    • Emmalouise says:

      Raids are not that difficult. It’s just a bit toxic that’s all. If your with the right bunch and you learn the mechanics and pull your weight they are enjoyable.

      If you have an itch to do it, you might enjoy it. Personally I can give or take them. 🙂

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