I am a Scrub

I have been playing PvP in season 5, even after making my back piece, I have decided to carry on occasionally to work my towards the end chest, just because “why not”.

My rating fluctuates between bronze and silver and at the moment on a bit of a losing streak, and you know what? I am ok with this. I have always known that  I find PvP harder than PvE – with PvE enemies you can learn to read their attacks, you can even predict them and learn muscle memory.

PvP requires you to:

1. know what the other classes do, and learn the animation of an attack and when the opponent will likely use it.

2: you need to really know you own class, what skills it does, when to use them and a type of rotation that is obviously situational.

What I have learned is that I was very lucky to get where I was in the other 4 seasons and I have acknowledged that although I know how the maps work, how to somewhat rotate them and get quick points/advantages, I find it difficult to play my role properly due to the above 2 points. Some fights I win and some I lose, but I have accepted this and I am fine with it.

I am pleased that the skilled players get titles to show their legendary status and I am also pleased that ANet separated the shinies from skill as everyone appears to have liked this decision.




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