A GW2 Monument

Normally over the Christmas period I would be gaming non stop. Farming what I can. It was a bit different for me this year, I got a phone call on Christmas Eve to tell me that my Dad died that morning, I was in a fractal with my guild at the time. 😦

I just wanted to write this up to say that if you spend a lot of time in the game and you want a little something to look at each day, to touch a bit of humanity and remember a loved one, there is something available to us.

I spent some gold on some Maguuma Lillies and I made a triple bloom Lilly potted plant. I then purchased a gravestone from the Vendor and placed a gravestone for my dad next to the guild hall tavern.

My dad used to love the pub, so I thought this was a the perfect place. Each day when I go and gather I can brush past it and say hi to him 🙂



I will attempt to build the tavern up to its full glory and I might build a throne too. My dad was very patriotic and he loved his country and his Queen and I think it would look nice close to the monument. 🙂


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