I did it, this “old nub” got The Ascension

Ever since I saw the backpack I fell in love, no backpack came close to it. I have always been in awe it, I only made the fractal backpack because I could, rather than me liking it 😦

The legendary itself to make require just 1 gift of fortune, everything else is obtained by doing PvP. So I set about my journey to make it….


The first season I finished quite easily as it was easy, the second I didn’t finish as I gave everything up for Super Adventure Box.

This meant season 3 and 4 I had to work really hard and for me it was really hard. I finished season 3 in Sapphire and I had really difficult matches, but I kept on going regardless. Due to playing catch up in season 3 I was left with 1 or 2 achievements in season 4.

At this time I didn’t know what Season 5 would bring for me, but I carried on regardless. I had the attitude of regretting what I didn’t do, over regretting what I did and I wanted to bank as much as I could.

I ended up finishing in Ruby and with 10/11 achieves completed. The achieve I had remaining was League Elite, I had to cross 4 divisions. I knew already being in Ruby, this wasn’t going to happen.

For a few months I had this on my mind, how I was just 1 AP away, a big one at that, and that I didn’t know what changes ANet were making in season 5.

Season 5 was released last week and the changes meant all my hard work previously paid off. All I had to do was cross 3 tracks. So I set about it and yesterday I got this.


If you have stumbled across this post and feeling a bit deflated with PvP, don’t give up. I am far form a good PvPer so if I can get this you can too, all you need to do is put in a decent amount of effort!  Don’t get me wrong I found some parts tough and i often at times felt like giving up, but I carried on.

This by far is the most proudest thing I have done in GW2 ever! and unfortunately will not be making any further legendary’s any time soon as all my resources have been cleaned out. 😦



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