Short Story – A Christmas Carol “Tyria Style”

Dragon Season are running a competition at the moment and I re wrote the Christmas Carol and based it in Tyria as a short story. I am not much of a story writer but I like what I came up with. Although I had taken a famous story and re wrote certain bits I had to research the wiki to get some of my facts right, but I enjoyed myself!

You can enter the competition here:

This is my Entry


As a soldier of the High Legions, Gnashblade first came to Lion’s Arch at the age of 20 as part of an Ash Legion operation to extort the people of the city, under the banner of the Black Lion Trading Company. Gnashblade was by all accounts a dependable soldier who never disobeyed orders—until that day. When he raised concerns with his legionnaire, Aria Gnashfang, believing that attempting to intimidate the pirates of Lion’s Arch would not be fruitful, the disagreement led to a fight and Gnashfang was killed.

The next day, the Black Lion Trading Company was established in earnest.
Source – GW2 Wiki

Over the years Evon made more money than he ever needed, he was so rich he had every Legendary weapon available, vast amounts of permanent contracts and to top it all off he even paraded around lions arch with a stupid “I’m Rich You Know” title purchased with his gold, but this was to the expense of the people – greed got to him and it slowly took over.

Transaction taxes were forever increasing, exchange rates were unfavorable and prestigious items purchased with gems were insulting. The greedier he got, the more money he made, but the locals in Lion’s arch became poorer and people stopped talking to him, some were even becoming ill and dying from poverty, some moved away in the hope to find better land. The more money Evon made bought a smile to his face, but this came at a cost as inside it was making him more miserable and lonely each and every time.

Chapter 1

It was Wintersday in Tyria and Divinity’s Reach was enjoying the festive spirit. The Locals were treated to the most glorious decorations and celebrations and everyone was generally buzzing from all the festive activities. Evon had a business meeting in the area and much to his disgust had to travel to the city at peak times.

As he entered the city he saw children playing in snow piles throwing snowballs at each other, giggling away – not knowing who Evon was one child yelled “Happy Wintersday Sir!” Evon looked at the cheerful child in disgust and spat his response with a growl “Bah Humbug!’ Evon dismisses the children and walks on by.
He passes the bell choir and hears the music and grunts, musicians oblivious to his presence and heads into his meeting.
A few hours later Evon emerges and is greeted by Ho Ho Tron who says “Greetings—you—look—weighed—down—by—currency. Will—you—donate—some—to—the—poor—of—Divinity’s—reach?” Evon refuses to give him a donation and snapped “next time you do that stupid Wintersday puzzle, I hope you miss a snowflake and smash into pieces!” On hearing this, the Gift Dolyak started to shake with nerves and dropped presents everywhere as Evon walked by.

Evon was pleased to finally be home, not only did he despise having a meeting outside of his home town, he didn’t want to be amongst such celebrations.
Evon puts on his warm Quaggan hat, makes a nice hot chocolate and settles down into his comfy arm chair and starts to drift off. He is startled buy a noise and wakes to see the face his legionnaire, Aria Gnashfang on his wall. He refuses to believe his eyes, but then Aria’s ghost appears and frightens Evon by rattling her mad king shackles. She tells Evon he will be haunted by three spirits. He lets out a loud husky laugh and falls back to sleep.

Chapter 2

As promised by Aria’s ghost, Evon is visited as the bell chimes one o’clock by the first of three spirits: the Ghost of Wintersday Past. The apparition is ‘a strange figure’ seeming to be both plant like and human, he noticed the ghost looks to be female and had two bunches on the top of her red head, her skin was greenish colored and the armor looked like the Magitech collection he sold in his BLT company before.

The ghost shows Evon scenes from his childhood and a lively scene with him helping refugees in from Lion’s Arch in the Refugee Camp. He remembers the destruction that was caused and how people fled for their lives and all the work that was put into rebuilding the city. A thought pops into his head that he quickly shakes away. “This City would be a crater without me, Where’s my statue?” Next she takes Evon to a time where his younger self is with his fiancée, Sera.
He sees the scene where she is telling the younger Evon how she must leave him because he has changed and seems to love money more than her, his heart skips a beat he loved that white furred girl, the way her blue eyes sparkled and her tail swished. He then sees Sera move on, grow up and become a woman, he sees her wedding outfit, the very one that he sold on the Trading Post. “That should have been me” he growled. The scene ends with her happily spending her time with her family and with a click of a finger he is back in reality, in his dark bedroom by his bed. Evon is upset and before the ghost disappears she turns to his ear and whispers ”later tater” and giggles.

He still doesn’t quite believe what has just happened so he settles back down to bed and kept one eye open. He is now worried that he may get a visit from a second ghost after all. As he drifts off he hears music and what appears to be noises of toys, he can make out toy soldiers and pop guns. And then he hears this small voice say “This Wintersday will be full of Wonder” and that’s when he sees the second spirit is the Ghost of Wintersday Present, the spirit greets him with a “Well, hello there!” This ghost looks small enough to be Asuran, this little Asura as far as he can make out is wearing a T shirt of a Golem shaped Airship and is holding a plush festive toy and a wintersday gift. The second spirit takes Evon to Divinity’s Reach. Here he sees the Orphan’s of Divinity’s reach crying and comforting each other as a Grawl named Grawnk has stolen all of the Wintersday Ornaments from the Orphanage.
Evon doesn’t think much of this, after all they are just worthless ornaments and are worth nothing of value. But then he notices the upset and sadness in the little orphans. It then he realises these little girls and boys have nothing of value in their lives and these ornaments were from gifts over the years from various Tyrians. He sees the orphans beg passers-by for help, but they are too busy earning Wintersday presents selfishly for themselves for them to care.

It is here he sees the humility with which the orphans tolerate their poverty. The spirit moves on and Evon follows, he finds himself in a bar in Lion’s Arch. Its misty at first, but as the scene becomes more clear he watches as his work colleagues in Lion’s Arch celebrate and joke about how Evon is a ‘scrooge’ and his heart sinks a little. The sight of this both infuriates and saddens him and the spirit leaves with one quick sentence. “Come Toxx, we’re leaving now”

Evon wakes up from his sleep in his bed again. He doesn’t know if what just happened was a bad dream or reality so he heads to the kitchen. He hears a crack and a whirling sound and a dark blue hooded supernatural creature charges towards him. Evon is terrified and the spirit hisses, “The Mighty Genie agrees to this audience, dark days are ahead for you and your city!” This is the final spirit the Ghost of Wintersday Yet to Come.
This final ghost leads Evon through scenes relating to a man’s death. The Death goes unnoticed, no one attends the funeral, no one visits the grave. The grave has grown over and looks as if it hasn’t been attended to for some time. He instantly feels sorry for this person and Evon turns to the blue wealthy looking mass and asks “who could this be? Why does no one tend to his grave? The genie replies “who do you think it could be Evon? The charr sits and thinks about it for some time and finally reply’s with “I don’t know, who could be disliked this much that when they die it doesn’t matter” Evon’s voice isn’t its usual loud snappy tone, but instead it’s a worrying tone. Finally after letting the Charr stew for a bit the ghost shows Evon the gravestone of the man the people have not been talking about. It bears the name:

Evon  Gnashblade…

“NO” screams Evon, “no, this cannot be happening!” the Spirit then moved Evon along to his once established company. It used to be a well-respected company that served the main Hub – Lion’s Arch, people used to gather form all areas of Tyria and trade here. Now it was rubble, a derelict unused and unloved pile of scrap “WHAT NO!” Evon screamed as he saw a Skritt Pirate looting the last remaining items that other looters had left behind. “ooh shiny “the skritt squeals.

“TELL MEEEE what I can do to fix this!, I promise I will change my ways.” Said Evon.

“Here to take your chances with me, the genie of the Mystic Forge? Donate to me and there is a chance for greater things” the final spirit replied.

Evon swiftly ran to the building, threw the Skritt to one side and takes out his safe buried deep inside the building and forces it onto the spirit……..

Chatpter 3

Evon awakes on the following Wintersday and is delighted to find he has the chance to repent of his miserly ways. He swiftly revises his business plan and releases the news in the LA weekly newspaper. He runs to Divinity’s reach and to the shock of onlookers, he starts the Wintersday jumping puzzle. “what is he doing?” said a local. They watch in amazement as this big ball of fur ascends the jumping puzzle, he has a few near missing but hurdles over the Snowflakes, outruns the giants snowballs and the exploding presents don’t event startle him. He reaches the top and lets out a great big cheer. To his surprise the people below in divinity’s reach also cheer in delight. He grabs the gifts and runs down to the pavilion and make sure each and every orphan doesn’t go empty handed, he asks the orphans where he could find the grawl to retrieve the stolen ornaments and sets out on his way to retrieve them.



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