Wintersday Guild Hall Dec’s VS Halloween ££

This morning I started to jot down what the snowpile requirements were needed for the new Guild Hall decorations. I have a few already including the reindeer, thank goodness! – as when I jotted them down I saw that it amounted to 193 snowpiles. 

This is a whopping 19,300 snowflakes. 

This was for quite a modest collection too. Just 2 or 3 of the cubes, Hemisphere’s & Wedge and of course the snowman!

But I didn’t think 193 would amount to too much, I remember doing a mixture of buying and farming of around the same amount for the Halloween decs I made.

 The cost of the snowflakes I need are around 298 gold, this cost could be the cost of purchasing or the opportunity costs form unsold farms, you chose which suit you, but I nearly fell off my chair!

Like some people I belong to an active guild that is my main guild, but I have my own personal guild hall. 

Throughout my journey I add people that I like and allow them allow to farm from it, scribe and use NPC’s etc. It’s also a main hub for chatting together as we all belong in different guilds and move around and stuff.  So quite rightly I don’t ask or expect them to contribute to my personal wants. 

I mainly use the guild hall to display my trophies as I like to record my achievements and to farm mats daily. Obviously when there is a new festival I love to decorate.
 This Wintersday will be expensive 😦


If we take candycorn and snowflake as an example and base it on 4 stacks of 250 to make 1k as that buys 10 basic decorations you will see there is a huge difference!

Around Halloween candycorn would have roughly cost you just shy of a gold and this wintersday to buy the same in snowflake it is around 15 gold.

 A basic pumpkin works out to be 38 silver and a basic snowpile is 1 gold 55 silver.

Any scribe will know that different recipes need a different number of basic decorations to make the end product. i.e. the snowman needs 55 snowpiles.

Item Gold Stack Per 1,000
Candycorn 0.0038 gold 0.95 gold 3.8 gold
Snowflake 0.0155 gold 3.875 gold 15.5 gold
Item Price per basic decoration
Pumpkin 0.38 gold
Snowpile 1.55 gold

 Guild halls are meant to be fun and so are festivals, it’s a shame a lot of gold is sunk into decorations.

There is a huge difference in cost in the two festivals. A basic decoration in Wintersday costs 4 times the amount as Halloween. It doesn’t seem right. Lunar near year is even more of a price difference as you use luck!

I would imagine this is because the drop rate is less than candy corn, also as far as I am aware snowflakes are not necessarily used for more stuff either as corn is a currency for vendor items and other bits and bobs just like the flakes.


Why not reduce the number of snowflakes needed to buy a snowpile? Or just increase the amount of snowflakes that drop. Why can we harvest corn but not snowflakes? I think it would be good on ANet to try to even out the playing field a bit so different seasons decorations cost roughly the same.

I decided to put a version of this on Reddit this morning – some guy responded on my reddit post and summed up the problem really well. 

“Anet really should either reduce the amount of snowflakes needed to purchase a snow pile (like say… 50), or increase the amount of snowflakes from the gift-boxes. Unlike Candy Corn and ToT Bags, Wintersday gifts/snowflakes aren’t as plentiful. I could spend 2 hours in the Mad King’s Labyrinth and come out with over 1000 ToT bags which would get me about double the amount in candy corn pieces, if not more. In 2 hours of the JP, I’d do good to get 680 (17 completions in each 30 minute period) wintersday gifts and MIGHT get a stack of flawless snowflakes just from opening the gifts, maybe 125 more from refining the lesser snowflakes.”


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