So, I made Nevermore..!

I finished of Nevermore at the weekend. This is the first 2nd Gen Legendary I have made since HoT was released.

Nevermore was always on the back burner, I originally started making it as I wanted to proc those large birds with my thief on large hit boxes as a novelty thing, but I have started to play druid for my raid team so I sped up the rate I was slowly making spirit wood planks. The amount of wood you need for this legendary is insane – below is a little screenie of the wood needed!!


I remember making my first legendary, it was Sunrise and I was only about a year old in game years. Getting the Precursor was one of the most expensive bits as you only had 2 choices. Either throw gold at the Mystic Forge and pray that RNGesus is looking down on you that day or outright buy the precursor from the trading post.

Once you had the precursor making the gifts was simply a chore and for some items a gold sink, especially if you didn’t have a healthy supply of mats.


I kinda like how these new legendary work mainly due to the fact that the precursor is account bound so you have to put work into the collection. This means the rich and/or the lazy cannot simply purchase from the TP. I think it makes the legendary, more legendary.

Also, everything you use to make the precursor is farmable. The only thing you lose if you chose to do it this way is your time and “opportunity costs”, the only gold sink when making Nevermore from start to finish is the Icy Runestones as they are a straight 1g each and you need 100 and recipes as you can’t farm either them.

Pre HoT legendary collections have 3 tiers and most of the costs are sunk in tier 1 & 2. HoT collections have 4 tiers. Like old the older collections a lot of the cost is sunk into Tier 1 and 2 with a little bit in tier 3. Tier 4, from what I experienced was a journey you took with your Raven, there was also some of this in tier 3, but this tier had the most steps, overall there was around 65 Steps  and  some of the things I had to do were tedious and some I enjoyed.

I really enjoyed taking my Raven to various places in Tyria, it bought back some memories of levelling up and some of the places I went to I hadn’t noticed before so this was a nice touch.

I have to go and defeat a few people that reminded me of GW1 and some were a waste of time just to have something to tick off. I.e. shadow Behemoth! God that was boring…


Making the gifts were a chore as always, this is where I got cleaned out of gold, even more so than making the gifts for the older legendary. This is due to the 250 amalgamated gemstones I had to throw in. I didn’t have enough orbs so I bought them and clicked away at the mystic forge and I also had to top up my mystic coin collection! I liked the new gifts of might and gift of magic, this allowed me to use up my lower tier materials that I had stacks of.

So here is my new staff for my druid. I will now be a better druid as we all know you play better if you look good.







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