Guild Wars 2 PvP Leagues Revamp is Coming December 13th

Today MMORPG released a blog post – A Big Shakeup is Coming to PVP Leagues with Season 5

The Video  in the blog post is below and I have taken some screen shots of some interesting bits!

A few of you may remember that a poll went up to decide if the next season will be solo and duo queue only, The poll decided that this was to be implemented. This arrives in season 5 along with a better reward system.

Look at this guy! I was lucky enough to win the normal one back in a competition ages ago. I need to get this fella!

And finally a better way to get ascended rewards, instead of relying on RNG for drops in reward tracks, you can now purchase in PvP using shards of glory.

ANet have promised to release more info on the new season. I will be keeping an eye out for it as I finished 10/11 achieves on Part IV so only just missed out on the backpack and I need that backpack. I am hoping ANet will release info on how it is obtained this season.

Since writing this post, ANET have released their official blog post, which you can find here: and you can read what Reddit thinks here.


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