A Crack in the Ice

So, Episode 3 has finally hit us after another long wait. I still don’t like the way season 3 is being released, I feel the wait is so long.

To quote the story journal.

Braham has gone after Svanir in the Shiverpeaks. What better opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: Recruit him to Dragon’s Watch, and find another corrupted sample for Taimi.

Most of this story is with Aurene and Braham, which is good as I wanted to see what he has been up to since his mother died a year ago and who doesn’t love a baby dragon?

So… The first part of the story involves you training Aurene up. There is some annoying little bits you have to do for the exalted, bit like the challenges you had to undergo in the HoT story to access the chamber where the egg is stored.

There are some really cute interactions with Aurene and my favourite has to be the hide and seek! Anyone on Discord with me would have heard me go all baby voice and squeal lol

Video of hide and seek – there is a little bit of lore dialog at the start from the Exalted.

Once you have finished working with Aurene you will talk to someone in Holebrak and then head north into the new area!

This area is nice, the snow ground look a bit funny to me as it appears very glittery, but there is the usual new currency, berries, where you can buy new mini’s, an infinite Kodan tonic, that you can enter combat in! The most appealing area in my opinion is the forest with the thick trees, this map has made me realise that I like landscapes with trees…

When entering the zone you need to head to the Kodan called “Deep Water” and have a discussion about how you enter the bitter cold, You need to find a disguise and talk to a Svanir to find a potion to allow you to cope with the cold in the area.

As always Dulfy has done a guide – http://dulfy.net/2016/11/22/gw2-a-crack-in-the-ice-achievements-guide/

Most of your time in this map will be gathering the components needed for the potion and then making your way to the last instance. Whilst you are here you may as well collect the berries, compete the hearts and collect Unbound Magic.

If you talk to the flame bearer at a kodan flame you can buy different skills to use whilst you are holding the flame, once you have collected all the skills for Kodan’s flame you can listen to a bit of lore, the Quaggan is really cute.

Once you have used the potion and retrieved the sample you head out to meet up with Braham and Rox. You get to catch up with him and he seems to be quite grumpy, its understandable as his mum has died – due to waiting so long for this story to be released in our world its been a year, but in Tyria its been much much shorter.

This instance is long, you have to fight through waves of unnecessary mobs, its a chore. Is more so if you go back to do the achieves 😦 I afk’d the end fight, just let Braham and Garm duo it alone as I was getting increasingly frustrated with trying out for the achieve. I was so frustrated I put a post on Reddit saying there should be retry modes with these types of achievements, it got up-voted over 200 times, so people shared the same thoughts as me!

It turns put that Braham has turned into a bit of a prick – Here is the dialog from the end instance!






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