Forsaken Thicket – Wings 1, 2 & 3 cleared instances – run around videos

This weekend I found myself in a rare situation, where little old me, had all three raid wings cleared. **pinches self** yes it’s true I did!

So I decided to record myself walking through them and explain what happens where, but guess what, ditzy me went and did it all without turning on my mic, only discovered this whilst watching them back and didn’t have time to redo before reset. I went through the trouble of apologising for my common London accent and everything lol!

So I guess if you’re at all interested you can watch the videos and take in the beauty of some of these zones. When you raid you don’t really have time to look around and take in the surroundings.

The vids are between 10 and 15 minutes each and I have cut the bits out where I am standing still moving mouse around map as I was explaining stuff there and you will just think I am weird.

If your online and you see a cleared instance in LFG I do encourage you to go in and take a look around.

The first video – Spirit Vale

Spirit vale is the home of the Vale Guardian, Gorseval & Sabetha.

The video starts in the large area with a path leading up to the area you kill VG, after a little wonder around I then enter an area with a soul river to the right, this is a mini event where you have to clear portals before a certain time. I then move towards a narrow bending lane where you need to out run a wall spirits and close more portals and then pop up at the round arena to kill Gorse.

There’s not much to explore at gorse so I move onto the area Sabetha is, that’s a bit like a giant treehouse. There are normally Bandits running round everywhere here!

The second Video – Salvation Pass

Salvation pass is home to Slothasor, Bandit Trio & Matthias

The first area in the video is where you kill sloth, you have to kill slublings on the way down to the area. It then moves on to the area for Bandit Trio, this area is huge! It is such a shame they didn’t do more with it, a huge big open area raid in this area would have been fantastic, but all they did was plonk a little bandit camp in the middle. The area is beautiful and normal full of annoying bandits,  I run around in a clockwise direction then head into the camp, then back to the start to use the updrafts to Matthias. The area for Matthias isn’t that big, there’s a little big around the outside where you need to kill white mantle or bandits, can’t remember which now and then you fight him in a round temple room.

The third Video – Stronghold of the Faithful

Stronghold is home to Glenna Escort & McLeod, Keep Construct & Xera

The video starts at the bit where you escort Glenna, I head through the cave which is normally done solo by a Mesmer and it is a really pretty area. I didn’t realise the poison still affects you in a cleared instance so you will see me quickly dash to some water to cleanse. I then jump up to the first tower and ley line across them all. You will notice the scenery here is also pretty amazing. In the courtyard I drop down into an area that you don’t go to during the raid. Really nice area, I could happily chill in a boat there with a bottle of wine and book if it was real life lol, but not much to see.

I then head into yet another circular room where KC is killed, the cinematic after you kill him is quite cool, and you can find this here.

Thankfully in a cleared instance there is a portal to take you to the end of the twisted castle. Been there a few times now and still dislike it, but not as much as before. I am still in awe of the work that has gone into the twisted castle, it is an amazing place!

Unfortunately in a cleared instance the platforms for Xera are inaccessible, but instead you are taken into a room with a weird sculpture. In this room there are a few things to click and read and that’s it, all three wings explored.

Further reading

Spirit Vale journal entries

Salvation Pass Torn Pages

Stronghold of the Faithful , Glenna Journal


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