I am now a proud owner of the Eternal Title, Woop!

I have been after this title for a few months now. I have always been scared of Sabetha, but the more I went and killed her the more fluid the fight became. I used to mess up the bombs and panic when I had one, but now I am a lot more confident!

So as I started to progress through the fight I suddenly saw that The Eternal title could actually be mine and I started to work towards it.

I joined a few groups over the past weeks and either I died (yes I know silly me) or someone else denied me the undefeated kill.

One of the PUG runs I was on had Mighty Teapot suddenly joined us, and eternal didn’t happen. He said he would help me get the title. I am not sure if he was being polite and nice or if he generally wanted to help, but I wanted to do it on my own, not be carried and earn it.

So today I joined a random PUG group, asking for 100+ LI where I only had 92, they took me anyway, and this happened!


And I am now the proud owner of The Eternal title and everyone lives happily ever after 🙂



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