NCSOFT 2016 Q3 Earnings Report

Woke up to a post on Reddit this morning sharing ArenaNet’s sales figures and notes from a conference call to suggest they are focusing on expansion pack 2

Professor_Retro wrote –

Once again, here’s some perspective on the game’s quarterly performance since launch. Q216 was previously the game’s worst quarter, but as Q316 is slightly lower (by 579 Bln Won) it now holds the record.

Again, to be clear, Q32016 is now worst quarter Guild Wars 2 has ever had.

GW2 Quarterly Reports, 2012-2016


3Q12 – 45,841 (Pre-sales)
4Q12 – 119,013 (Launch, Southsun, Fractals)
1Q13 – 36,382 (LS Season 1 starts, Flame and Frost)
2Q13 – 28,889 (SAB, Molten Facility, Dragon Bash)
3Q13 – 24,481 (Bazaar of the Four Winds, Queen’s Jubilee, Tequatl revamp, SAB2)
4Q13 – 33,555 (Aetherpath, Tower of Nightmares, WvW Season 1)
1Q14 – 25,142 (Marionette, Battle for Lion’s Arch, LS Season 1 ends)
2Q14 – 21,506 (Feature Pack ((Account wardrobe, dyes, megaservers)), Bazaar 2)
3Q14 – 19,686 (LS Season 2 begins, Drytop, Feature Pack ((NPE, global guilds, TP Revamp), WvW Season 2)
4Q14 – 19,272 (Silverwastes)
1Q15 – 20, 026 (LS Season 2 ends, HoT announced at PAX, HoT Closed Beta 1)
2Q15 – 22,470 (HoT Closed Beta 2)
3Q15 – 20,699 (Stronghold / Desert BL test weekends, BWE 1 & 2)
4Q15 – 37,331 (BWE 3, Heart of Thorns release, Spirit Vale, PVP Leagues)
1Q16 – 30,667 (Winter Quarterly Update ((Tyria Gliding, Shatterer Revamp), Salvation Pass)
2Q16 – 15,894 (SAB, Spring Quarterly Update ((Fixing HoT, WvW linking, Level 80 boost)), Stronghold of the Faithful)
3Q16 – 15,315 (Living Story Season 3, Bloodstone Fen, Ember Bay)
These are some interesting stats and a few people have suggested that there was a lot of competition in Q3 with new games being released, make sure you stop by the Reddit post to read what people are saying.


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