GW2 – my world, my progress, my view

In Last night’s raid we got a PUG in for our gorse kill as a team member had to leave. At the end the PUG said “oh it’s so nice to join a group that knows what it’s doing, really refreshing” this pleased me when he said this as I was that person not so long ago, appreciating a well practised team I had joined and it got me thinking about how I was when I first played Guild Wars and how I am now.

Believe it or not I actually heard about GW2 on a tropical fish forum I used to chat on.  I now keep Lake Malawi Mbuna Cichlids and I was a bit of a nerd and researched everything, then I spotted an off topic thread about World of Warcraft and I naturally gravitated onto it. I had never played WoW at an end game level as I never hit max Level. It didn’t capture me the same way Runescape did. I played Runescape for 6 or 7 years, where I played wow on and off for several months.
When I heard about GW2 I bought the game and immediately fell in love with it.

I joined a guild when I was a little lvl 38 ranger that knew nothing! I ran around with my pet on auto attack spamming buttons, wearing god knows what armour and wielding all kinds of wonderful weapons without a care in the world. I didn’t hold back a few seconds from entering a battle to execute a good attack and analyse my environment like I do now, I just charged in attacking everything in sight and spamming all the buttons so I could to throw killing stuff at everything in sight. I would imagine my guild silently groaned when I wanted to join in with them lol!

I didn’t know about dailies, monthlies and other limited Living Story achievements until after a month or so, so missed out on some of those. I didn’t know what a combo field was, what a blast finisher was, how my armour stats contributed to my build, but I didn’t care I was having a blast and I was an amazing ranger with a great pet!

My first dungeon experience was a disaster, we had to abandon it as we couldn’t get past it, but this didn’t put me off. It was from here I got the taste for dungeons and I also started to learn stuff. I was still a noob, don’t get me wrong, but a more educated noob! I started to also learn what boons where but took me a little longer to learn who gave them to me.
Being in a guild meant I could join in on lots of stuff and I made sure I took every opportunity I could. I started to realise that my ranger might not be the best thing for the content I wanted to do i.e. Dungeons and Fractals so I rerolled a warrior, my first build was an old shout heal warrior and I thought banners were a waste lol!

I slowly made my warrior more berserker and it ended up a hybrid healy/zerky warior. An old friend Steve used laugh at a quote of mine and we still laugh about it today. He would ask for a banner and I would reply with “nope, it doesn’t compliment by build”
My warrior nowadays is a PS warrior, so please don’t worry about me! (well, I actually have 2, one is vipers)

It’s from here I started adapting more to the fractal/dungeon environment. I ticked off dungeon master and climbed up to level 50 in fractals and ran a lvl 50 every night. (level 50 was the highest tier those days) I started to create new classes and learn different play styles. I learned how my class and build benefited the party to some extent. I have 1 of each class, 3 or 4 I know how to play reasonably well and some I don’t play at all.

My whole view on the game is so much different from a few years ago and I think it’s raiding that’s done that. I notice things more; I pay more attention to what’s going on around me, I notice the environment I am in, how it affects me, my fellow players. I notice what the enemies do and what other plays do. I still mess up and ask a nooby questions, I’m human, but I have changed as a player.

Some people find this just comes naturally to them, but for me it’s been my time commitment to the game and I have enjoyed every minute. I have met some fantastic people, some nasty people. Some I kept in my world, some I have let go. I now have a new set of people in my world and I am currently getting to know them. I have my favourites, I always do, I get instantly attracted to certain type of people and grow fond of them.

Most importantly I have learned a lot about myself in real life, on how I deal with situations and people that have upset me in one way or another in game.

But overall the journey from Noob to Veteran has been unforgettable and one little comment from a random person can bring all these memories back.

Some facts

I have been playing this game since February 2013 and have been an average player that enjoyed most if not all end game content. I have clocked up over 6k playing hours,  21k AP with still loads more to gain in PvP and WvW and I have maxed masteries.

My favourite races in order are – Skritt, Norn, Sylvari, Human, Asura, Char

My Favourite classes in order are – Necro, Mesmer, Thief, Warrior, Ranger, Guardian, Revenant, Elementalist, & Engineer (this order changes from time to time)


5 thoughts on “GW2 – my world, my progress, my view

  1. Rocco B says:

    Wow, takes me back to my playing days. Started in June 2013 – so 3 years like yourself but with less ap (just hit 6.5k). The very first class i chose was the engi xDD. I had no idea just what I was getting in for. The race was Norn. In fact I created one as a blue print, so I got an idea how the game worked. Rerolled a different norn engi, got him to lvl 52 then rerolled again this time a charr Engi :P. Stuck with him since although, that may change.

    Similar story to yours, different is I pretty much bounced in a few guilds and soloed most (if not the majority) of open world PS / LS / HoT. Fracs I struggle with, haven’t really focused on it. With dungs (barring Arah) I pretty much got the hang of (took a while though as majority of the time I just solo open world), although I pretty much do paths i’m semi-familiar with pugs.


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