So you want to raid – need Tips?

You probably made a decision to raid and searched Google for some guides and tips.

Across the web you can find all kinds of wonderful write ups, Video Guides and of course other people’s views and opinions on the current raid content. There is only a small percentage of people who raid in GW2 as the game is still seen as a casual MMO.

My view is that raiding is completely different from dungeons and fractals and it takes a certain type of person to stick with it.

  • If you die, your dead, no one can res you, you can’t waypoint, retry from checkpoint  or use an orb.
  • You can’t play how you want, your role is important to the team and your role is responsible for “something”.

Different types of people with a different drives are normally the type of people that enjoy raiding compared to your average jo bloggs, but can be successfully done and enjoyed by casual. I am a prime example..

If you PUG, you get some really lovely people, some may be lacking skills and you may have to let them go and replace them, some are very skilled and just want to stay and help you.  Alongside the lovely people you get arseholes and you WILL come across these.

If you are going to set up a team in or outside of your guild:-

  • You will likely hear stuff you don’t want to hear.
  • Need to grow a thick skin – after the raid is over forget what was said and love your friends again!
  • You might realise you’re not be as good as you thought you were.

Most importantly when you are first starting out, unless you are KING, qT, SALT, SC or DnT or other top guilds you are unlikely to kill a raid boss first time, you most likely won’t kill it after several times.

Please don’t give up, the more you do it, the better you get!
I really do encourage you to stay committed to your team if you are in one, don’t get butt hurt and rage quit thinking you can do better pugging on your own, you possibly could, but it takes time in a learning team and it pays off. When you kill a boss the first time as a team, you get a great sense of achievement and pride! – believe me in this bit. I started as a casual PvE Scrub, I still am, but I am now 1 item away from finishing my Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor collection and I wouldn’t have done a lot of it without my crew! I have still had the opportunity to go off and used LFG on my own or got a friend to help, but mainly stuck with my team.

I have been with my raid team several months and we have only recently started killing a lot more bosses, we have only recently started one bashing VG and Gorse. We have had some people come and go, this caused us a bit of grief, but the majority of us have stuck around. We have something good and I am proud of what we have got and what we have achieved!

So what are my TIPs?

  • Do not go into a raid blind, at least watch a video or read something so you have an idea of what happens. You learn lots while you are there but background knowledge is great.
  • Check your running a meta class/build – A Nomads guardian will be no help. Click Me
  • Don’t give up.
  • Ignore arseholes. Don’t let them get to you.
  • Join as many training raids as you can.
  • Never join a PUG LFG if it says exp and you are not, you will be abused and kicked.
  • It’s not a 10 minute job, dedicate a few hours.
  • Don’t think you know best, pay attention to what’s being said to you.
  • Minimum chit-chat in Voice Comms
  • How to get good blog

I put a post up on Reddit and asked “if you were going to give your friend one tip before they joined a raid for the first time, what would it be”

Below are some responses, please take them on board. If you want to read more the post is here

FBX 8 points 9 hours ago

Research why the meta is what it is. Look up what each class spec provides the team in terms of buffs and boons and encounter control, and learn what’s expected from your particular classes on each encounter.

Pendulum 2 points 8 hours ago
Keep an eye out for chronomancer and druid aoe fields. Always try to stand in them. Soak up as much alacrity and grace of the land that you can and your damage and survival will go up significantly.

jokar1no need for 2 points 7 hours ago
The right mindset is everything.
Sometimes I raid with a casual guild and they only want to do the easy or already learned bosses. If you have no motivation to wipe and learn a new boss for 1-2 hours, raids aren’t the right content imo.

TheWhiteWolves.3076 -3 points 6 hours ago
Don’t go within 10 miles of a raid 😛

kbn_ via /r/Guildwars2 sent a minute ago
My tip:
Always keep learning. No one is perfect. Not you, not me, not the “pro” players. Everyone has something to learn on every run. Find it and learn it.

At the time of writing this and due to the most recent patch on 18th October 2016, Rev is a bit of a grey area. A lot of people say it isn’t worth taking and some say it is.

For speed runs it probably isn’t, but the average Joe doesn’t speed run. So if you want to slot in a rev, then take a rev, qT have actually quoted that in “GW2 EVERYTHING is viable”.

The most common setup I have seen run since the patch is below. An experienced team could swap out a healing druid for condi or zerk druid to help DPS, but whilst you’re learning healing will be most helpful.

If you are on a chrono, you will be responsible for quickness up time, that’s your job
If you are on a warrior, you will be responsible for might stacking, that’s your job.

You should probably start with escort and VG before trying wing 2 as this wing has a lot of personal respinsibility and sloth is the most failed boss. 

For Escort – as long as you have a healer and chrono that can solo the cave, the team can be mixed around a bit.

 Druid PS Warrior Chrono DPS DPS DPS
 Druid PS Warrior Chrono Tank DPS DPS
  • You can check what class and builds are considered DPS using Quantify’s website or other similar websites.
  • On certain bosses you might want to switch out one or two DPS for a condi class, especially so for VG.

DPS Benchmarks and guides/reasoning  – Click Me

Other good resources 


The Wiki




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