Twisted Castle – Traverse this maze to reach Xera

A few weeks ago our raid team commander ventured out and killed Keep Construct so he thought it be a good idea to take us along to the twisted castle event and get some practice in on Xera. As per my previous blog we killed KC last night, but my first experience of the twisted castle was 2 weeks ago. Below is what was written the morning after our time there (hadn’t got round to posting it) and I hated every minute. I hated it just as much last night 🙂


With PUGS coming and going and the mechanics of the event hindering us twisted castle took hours to do, I left after 3 hours as I was needed in the kitchen. The idea of this event sounded awesome and I was really looking forward to doing it, then I got there lol.

 As players we need to get through a maze by going through portals and rings bells to get released from the puzzle. As you go through you will need to get past; fake floors, Haunting Statues, multiple enemies, and madness!

Madness is on all players and the stacks will increase throughout, but will rapidly increase if the character (not the player’s camera) is facing the central rotating pillar. At different stack milestones various conditions will be applied and 99 stacks your dead! You can interact with fountains throughout the Castle to remove a few stacks of madness.

The best bit about the Castle, apart from the amazing scenery, for me was the Haunting Statues. They have really high health and toughness so you don’t really want to be killing them. Instead you face one and it will not be able to move, this allows the rest of the party to sneak past. We had a tag team going of 2 or 3 people to stare and stop the statues. If you do not stare at the statues they will rush towards a random player. If you get caught out by a statue AoE you will be teleported to the start of the maze.

Below is a video of random bits of the maze I managed to take after falling to my death. My deaths managed to capture most angles!



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