Keep Construct Down!

We did it, we finally did it!

We have been practising at Keep Construct  for a few weeks now and we never really got good practise at it as we kept messing up escort. This week on our Monday night run we decided to sack off Wing 1 and head straight for KC.

We had most of our team with us, but had to deal with some PUG’s & after a good two hours of near misses and team fuck ups we finally killed it.

It was one of the best feelings ever as for once we didn’t have our 2 friends from KING with us and we did it all on our own.


Want to say a special thanks to Dainex for his excelling orb control and to everyone else for a great team effort. It such a shame Wedge had to leave us, we will get it done next week a bit sooner I hope, with less messing around and get Wedge his well deserved kill!

Hard work and dedication truly does pay off.

The boss fight itself is quite fun and mechanics can be somewhat skipped if you have enough DPS. During the fight Phantasms spawn and you need to make sure these do not meet up or they will turn into an Insidious Phantasm. This is bad, they are hard to take down and a pain in the arse to have around while continuing to take down the Construct. People from the party will become fixated and the phantasms will head toward those people, so you just need to be alert of the fact that you are fixated and make sure you stay away from the other. Whilst the fixated are doing this, the rest of the party will DPS down one of them and them onto the other. if you are hitting KC at the sideline you need to kill them underneath him, if you have passed this phase trying to keep one at a time in the middle is a better way of doing it

When his core is exposed we are able to push the core through rifts around the room, each time it travels through the rift KC will have a debuff when he spawns, this stack up to 5. Ideally you want a minimum of 3, but 5 will allow you to do more DPS. The debuff increases our damage by 75% per stack, which is hell of a lot of DPS!

The Keep construct has 2 splits, 1 at 66% and one at 33%, he will become invulnerable at this stage and we need to prevent orbs teaching him. the robs are red and white and the party will be split by a red or white symbol above their head. These players need to circle around the construct and absorb the incoming orbs based on their colour. The more orbs he absorbed the more damage he will deal at the end of the phase!

I am not very good at explaining stuff, this is why I do not command. For a more in-depth breakdown and guide, Dulfy has a good write up 🙂 

There was a cutscene at the end after killing the Keep Construct, it took me by surprise, but I captured what I could!

So. That leaves me with 1 more statue for my guild hall and one more item for my legendary  – Envoy Armour 1: Experimental Armour collection and Wednesday we will go get Xera –


we will try lol – I imagine it will be a big mess to start until we get familiar with the fight and get used to what the party needs to do, but it will be fun regardless!




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