GW2HoT is 1 year old!

I think everyone in the GW2 community was looking forward to this expansion. It was the first expansion of the game and took them 3 years for it to go on sale.

You could buy the expansion at 3 different levels. I chose ultimate as I probably would have bought some gems along the way so saw it is saving money in the long run.


So what did Heart of Thorns bring us?

In my eyes we got the beginning of some wonderful stuff, ANet implemented systems that would allow never ending expansions to them, opening up all kinds of possibilities in future expansions. They stepped away from increasing the level cap and instead allowed us to progress horizontally.

You can find more in depth summaries of what was due to be released with the expansion on Dulfy. She did a fantastic job of summarising all the Twitch Con interviews. I remember watching them all and it was very exiting times. I do urge you to watch/read what was said at Twitch Con if you haven’t before as it was all new, fresh and exciting and they added some other cool stuff like……………

Quaggan Deep thoughts for example.

Although a lot of us were excited about playing through the expansion, getting cool new stuff and levelling our new mastery system – a lot of the community were angry with ANet and deemed the expansion half finished. You can find a blog here about it:

Lastly – lets not forget this is the day Eir died.

RIP Eir you broke my heart that day and the worst thing was I couldn’t share my pain with my friends back then as they had not reached that part in the story,. I suffered in silence and couldn’t discuss the breath-taking moment you were ripped away from us.

Day 6

For those that want some nostalgia below are the patch notes from release day and a teaser trailer that was released to us yonks ago.

The patch notes from release can be found here:


links and information from the GW2 Wiki




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