Halloween – DR removed from Labyrinth, bosses buffed!

Halloween was released Tuesday 18th October – I was really looking forward to grinding some bags for new rewards and Guild Hall decorations, it has been a bit lacklustre so far. 

But………… .I woke up this morning to the best news ever!!!!!

I never though I would see this day, where they would just allow me to camp out in the labyrinth all day if I wish. What a great time to book 2 days off from annual leave!!

If you haven’t yet seen the event, first you need to give yourself a big hard slap for not being in Tyria and secondly make sure you pop in. There is the usual Mad King dungeon, Clock Tower JP, Mad King Says event and the Labyrinth. 

This year you can grab previous minis and tonics, purchase outfits & weapons from the gemstore/black lion chests and even upgrade your home instance candy corn node. There are new Guild decorations, new infusions, new mini’s, new tonics with recipes to make them endless. There’s tonnes of stuff and now if you really wanted to you can camp the labyrinth all day to get hundreds or thousands of bags. 



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