Dragon’s Stand Meta

This weekend I found myself revisiting the Dragon’s Stand meta event in Heart of Thorns. I needed to loot Noxious pods to finish my Machined Weapon collection and it has been many months since I have been here.

You forget how awesome this event is, ArenaNet did an amazing job with this event. This weekends trip to the event bought back all my feelings I had when I first ended up here almost a year ago. I was in awe of it and I still am.


The events leading up to the main boss fight makes you feel you are leading up to an epic battle, no matter if you chose North, Middle or South you all need to progress down the lanes, gathering equipment and allies as you find your way to the Blighting Towers.

I managed to record some clips and I will need to go back once or twice more as I didn’t get enough bits from the Pods, but you know what.. I will enjoy it 🙂


  • It is possible to view the Asuran city of Rata Sum in the distance from using bouncing mushrooms in Exhumed Delve by the Second Southern Checkpoint. Doing so will grant the Sum Viewer achievement.
  • There is an end of the world that can be reached from Chak Nest. This end of the world doesn’t trigger any message when reached.
  • Deserted Coast and Thorn Hollow were formerly listed in the Dragon’s Stand Explorer achievement, despite never having been accessible ingame.



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