Leaks, Speculation & Reddit

This past few weeks Reddit has seen quite a bit of: leaks, spoilers and speculation. Some were welcomed by the community where others were shot down as fake within seconds. The biggest one was a screenshot of an area speculated to be the new expansion pack, I am not going to link it as I do not want to be associated with the leak, but it got a lot of people excited and talking about where the next expansion pack might take us. One person on Reddit actually went to the effort of exposing the testers email account in the hope ANet could track and remove the leaker from future privileges. 

Another leak had no evidence to prove its authenticity such as a screenshot, but did list a few interesting theories and I do hope it is true as I think I would enjoy what’s to come.

I think the main reason why it was deemed as fake is due to the word “mount”

GW1 had a form of a mount to allow us to cross the desolation, so what if this principle could be bought into GW2, what if there was a mastery that gave us mounts, but Mounts not as we know them, not in the traditional sense, more like a concept? It would be cool huh?

What if they were needed for us to; Cross large gaps or more freedom to jump, or group travel to events etc.. It’s definitely something I think ANet could look at as a mastery as it would definitely be in line with their “horizontal progression” pledge!

People in the community really want to visit Cantha next.  I personally do not know what the appeal is with Cantha as I didn’t enjoy playing through it in the main story campaign Factions, for me this might be due to the fact that I didn’t play GW1 in its prime and went back last year to get my 30 HoM points whilst waiting for Heart of Thorns to be released, but I found the area to be quite dull slummy and grindy. There were a few nice places. There was one place that stuck in my mind, before the main mission took us to the hatchery, and that was an area by the water where there were giant turtles that were houses or similar structures. If you stood around and looked closely they would move slightly.

So as a Norn fan I guess I would like the expansion to take us further into the Shiverpeaks and as Jormag is active it could be a possibility – I also enjoyed the Shiverpeaks are in the GW1 prophecies campaign, I remember my first time trying to make it down Lorna’s Pass!
I haven’t got a clue where we are going next and I haven’t bothered to try and speculate as other people do a better job at this than me.

So back to the leaks.

There was one that appeared on Reddit yesterday and I don’t mind showing this one as it is believed to be a fake Photoshop.

I guess the intention was to play a prank on the Reddit community and it’s at times like this that Reddit can be an amazing place as not long after a few Redditers decide to take the piss out of this attempt and upload their own masterpieces.

Thanks for making my day fun!


2 thoughts on “Leaks, Speculation & Reddit

  1. Rocco B says:

    I’m pretty much an active GW2 player and even I wasn’t aware of the “supposed leaks” for the new expac. That can be boiled down to the fact that I don’t frequent reddit as often xDD.


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