Matthias Gabrel Down


This weekend I attended a Matthias training raid and was not expecting a kill in the slightest. Matthias is one of those bosses that I never really get exposure too alongside Xera., mainly due to being too lazy to PUG or set up my own training raids and these two rarely have a training LFG up.

I wanted to get a little training on him, I roughly knew the fight and had a little exposure so I had an idea of what to do – You can read as many guides and watch as many videos as you want, but for me unless I am there, I don’t really experience the true fight.

The thing I like about some training raids, is that you actually get people who have killed it before, that just join to try out a new class or are bored and want to do something and these people are valuable. I had a buddy join, Kez, that I met through a guild I have recently left. Kez helped me get my sloth kill and I really do appreciate the work he has put in to get me the odd kill. Kez has cleared all wings and has valuable input to any training raid there is, even if he does sometimes become “angry German” (sorry private joke lol) After 30 to 40 minutes in it was established that although there were around 7 of us that hadn’t killed him before we might actually be able to kill him and after 2 hours and a few dropping and new joining, guess what………..


So….. I can now see why you don’t really see that many training raids for this guy, whilst the fight itself was awesome there was a lot going on, we had people being poisoned that had to walk into a fountain (mastery needed) to clear it, corruption that had to be removed from the fight area. Team members were sacrificed and we had to CC them to break them out before Matthias killed them. He shields him self and become invulnerable and we need to lay some form of reflection over the top to break it, after this he normally does a hadoken attack and this you need to dodge. There are ice patches, fire patches and storm clouds at certain phases and then he transforms! This is when it all goes tits up if its going to go tits up. We had a lot of sticky moments here and I did die a few times here, there is so much going on and so much AOE – the time we killed him I was standing though 🙂

So now I have a little raid bragging rights to allow me to get into PUG groups a little easier than before. I finished off the Spirit Tonic, which is normally what is asked for along with a number of LI. I personally think this is a little bit of an odd request as I have personally only killed Matthias and Sloth once, so doesn’t really show that I am a seasoned raider on those bosses, but I suppose I have  seen the fight from beginning to end and put the time into getting there.

All I need to kill now is KC, which my group is currently working towards and can easily do and Xera and work towards the Eternal Title. There are rumours of a new raid wing coming out soon and I am hoping it is the latter part of a month so I can book time off work to plough through it and get some experience. I have little bargaining power with my tonic and might be able to get in some decent raining on the new bosses etc. I am looking forward to what ANet do with raids in the next wing as they have already mentioned they want to steer away from mechanics where 1 person can ruin wipe the party and want to steer toward a group play environment.

To finish off – at the end of the instance after the kill you can talk to an NPC and watch a cut scene, I went back in and recorded this to upload to YouTube.




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