Sabetha Kill & New Raid Portal

Monday night my raid team managed to Kill Sabetha for the first time as a team. A couple of us have gone out and got kills on our own; some own an Eternal title and some are still new to raiding and are still working though the wings.

We were missing two members as they had to log off, but this was after a good hour of Practicing. So we called for back-up and eventually got it down.

I am not ashamed to admit the backup may have been an old friend that is in a well known hardcore guild, and we probably wouldn’t have got it down without his and his friends help. 

The kill wasn’t even as smooth as it could have been, 2 were dead at the end, myself included, cannons were missed, it was chaos lol – I really wish one team member, my fellow Necro, would have stayed as I know he would have loved to get this chaotic kill ticked off his list, but next week we will try again and attempt the kill for everyone 😃

Any seasoned raider reading this might instantly think “you killed sab, yeah yeah big deal” but we have taken some hits, jumped hurdles and we are finally starting to move forward – We are made up of a group of friends and a few new recruited ones, but we are mainly casual players so to get to a stage where we can one bang VG and Gorse allows us to practice Sabetha and this is a big deal for us.

There is a solid 6 or 7 of us that want to raid every week that are fully committed to the team and are happy to progress at our current rate. We are definitely a group with different skill levels, but it works. The other members of the team are new and until now has been an array of different people, some left the game to play something else, some raided elsewhere and I can only assume this is because they were not happy at the rate of progression and some raided so often they got burnt out and don’t raid much anymore. It’s the core members that have suffered and progression slowed as we got new people in, but now we are in a good place.

So thank you Aleena, Djekka, Tills, AR, Wedge & Wrex I don’t think you guys know how much I appreciate you, you have stuck around, you’re my fam. 

Next week I think we will have a better go at it now a lot of us have seen the fight from start to finish. I have also promised my team I will not drink on a Monday anymore. I need to be on the ball more for Sabetha on my Necro as I will be responsible for tanking it and I was quite tipsy towards the end of Monday night and last thing I want to do is be a liability for the team. I am so used to just doing VG and Gorse drinking didn’t really matter as I knew the fights inside out, but now it’s a learning curve again!

I suppose this is now a good time to mention that there is a new raid portal in Lion’s Arch Aerodrome!

This must mean the new raid ring is due soon right? All we know about the new raid wing is that it could possibly be a one wing instance and a dev has said “the area of the next raid may surprise us” You can read the news post where ArenaNet quoted this here and forum post of people speculating here.

Link to Reddit Post where people are discussing the new portal that was added yesterday, a dev also confirmed that they have added ramps leading up to all the airships so we can explore a little more. I will definitely be heading here later.

ArenaNet have said in past that they can add a raid wing anywhere in the world if they wish to tell a story and can be single instance. Wouldn’t it be great if they somehow made The Twisted Marionette into a raid wing???!!!

If you wasn’t around for this part of living story, then you can watch the video below or find your own PoV on YouTube as this is where I found the below. 


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