Year of the ascension part Iv

This season I found myself starting in emerald and flew through into sapphire within the same day. I found matchmaking a lot better this season. The matches seemed to be better balanced and scores were closer. Last season it was frustrating as to me it seemed that RNG placed you on either on a winning or losing team and no matter how hard you worked it didn’t matter.

I was really proud of where I finished this season. I climbed into Ruby and climbed most of the way through it. I have now stopped working on my achievements as I have hit a bottleneck so I have now started to work on Eternal Coliseum achievements. These achievements are temporary content and will only get more difficult as time goes by.

I am really kicking myself that I didn’t commit myself to the other three seasons this year as I could have had my backpiece by now. I have the precursor to it ready and waiting and enough tickets to buy the Certificates of Support but I finished this season with 10/11 achievements completed and I will not be able to finish it. The last remaining achievement is: League Elite – where I need to Cross 4 league division thresholds during a PvP season.  There is no way I can cross over 3 leagues from Ruby.

The legendary back piece achievements requires you to cross 10 league division thresholds across the whole PvP seasons, but what I am not 100% on is the number of seasons in year of the ascension. If it is 4 like most people think, then I am screwed and I will have to source my back pack another way as they have stated you can grab it after the year of ascension ends, but we don’t know how and when.  If there are 5 season this year, which has been speculated upon then I should be OK. As long as match making and quality of players are on my side I don’t see why I cannot cross 3 leagues in next season. If they follow on from the placing people in different divisions based on the prior season I will be placed in Sapphire so just need to climb into ruby and then I get it.

I did find a post on the forums confirming there is going to be a season V and this season will bring with it all the changes they want to make to the PvP match making and the personal rewards that go along with it.

Here is a forum post where a dev confirmed you can still get the wings after season IV and confirming the league changes –

If you are reading this and you want to get into PvP but you don’t know where to start then you could try: for guides and tips and for up to date builds for all classes with a write-up of them.


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