A fractal Polish 

In the last patch we had an overhaul on how the fractal system worked – changing the way the entry window works, so you more easily see what are daily, how much AR you need and what mistlock will be thrown into the mix. The AR system was changed and updated so you could more easily get AR and other infusions that add other stats like: Condition Damage & Precision for example.

But wow, they have really pushed the boat out in this patch!

The lobby has completely changed, if you refer to the featured image above you will see it’s now a vast area with lots of little platforms with the various vendors placed around. There is a new vendor called “Bling 9001” and overview of new purchases is at the end of this write-up.

If you have any downtime in Fractals, whilst people go for coffee, disciplining kids, or like a Swedish friend of mine – a sneaky ice cream, you can now enjoy an added feature in the form of a jumping puzzle. I haven’t yet done the Jumping Puzzle and I will do it this weekend and most likely upload the video of me doing it to YouTube.  When you do reach the top of the JP you will find some diving goggles, when used you will fall and drop through a portal that loops. A fellow Tyrian kindly shared his video on Reddit.

I did some T4 fractals last night with my new guild and no word of a lie I have never had so much fun in fractals. I took my Necro, so yes, despite the fears; Necro is still a viable class for T4. The fractals were Uncategorized & Swamp in the 90s and we decided to drop down to the 70s to do Dredge as we wanted to get a taster of the toxic sludge.

The way mistlocks work from what I experienced last night is a great improvement. You now see a nice red ring around you when you are being hit with Agony, so you know not to overlap with other people and it was nice not having to worry  as much about where to use your dodge as that stupid mislock has been removed.

The other mistlock was the vortex bomb from the Chaos Fractal. We had a few funny moments where we may have stuck them in the wrong place and may have hurt a team member, but soon learned we could use them to our advantaged as they damaged enemies. So we ran around most of the night trying to stick them under targets.

The toxic sludge one has no feedback from me I am afraid. I didn’t really notice it, I will do it again to see.

Overall we had a blast, what is funnier than a Maw Tentacle popping up whilst you are burning down the Ettin? We even had the Killer Bunny and Mossman pop in to see us whilst doing a Mai Trin 100. I haven’t laughed as much as last night. They were manageable and brought a nice touch of randomness to fractals. So thank you ANet, thank you very much!

So what’s the bling 1000 vendor? I nearly wet my pants when I read the patch notes! You can ACTUALLY BUY the fractal tonic; this means so much to me as I have waited over 3 years for one of these to drop. You can now also buy Ascended gear with Relics, Matrices & pages – this is good for people that haven’t been around as long that may not have invested into crafting whilst materials were reasonably priced. It probably costs a little more than crafting yourself, but you save on the cost and time of levelling your crafting level to 500. There are a few other little bits to purchase so check out the vendor in game or here in this album I found shared on Reddit. http://imgur.com/a/CJCL8

Last but not least, YOU CAN GET DECORATIONS for your guild hall, they cost at the moment is quite high, but……….

Who could not like this baby!


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