Ember Bay

The Patch Stuff
So, it isn’t a shock to most GW2 fanatics that the patch Rising Flames hit last night (21.09.16) and it was a good one!

Most importantly this patch contained the eagerly awaited next Living Story Episode – this lead to a new Map called Ember Bay with a new Jumping Puzzle. I did try the jumping puzzle, but they are not my favourite type of content as I get easily frustrated, so after a few failed attempts I decided to wait for a guide.

Dulfy has already released one on YouTube 

Also in the patch Fractal updates, new PvP map with added achievements, new Gem store outfits, backpacks, Gliders and Hair colours, new Guild Hall decorations /upgrades and a new Legendary weapon!  You can read the full patch notes here.

I haven’t yet tried out the fractals with the new Mistlocks, but I guess their ideas around these was to remove the “Viper Necro Fractal Meta” so I look forward to trying these out later in the week 😁

I found out this morning that there is a new seaweed farm in the new patch, so you can farm this to make a bit of money for yourself or use for your raid food, which ever works best for you. MMOInks released a very short clip on it on YouTube 

Ember Bay

So last night I didn’t want to rush through the new story. I did just what was needed to reach Ember Bay, but I must admit the first chunk of the story has got me so excited. There is a little reveal and a well-known name and I really cannot wait to play though it! Without spoiling too much, I took a screen shot of my holographic self.

I didn’t expect to get a map as big as this, but I would say it around the size of Mount Maelstrom. I definitely recommend levelling up the mastery needed to use the thermal tubes as this zooms you around the map and open a lot of areas for you.
Alongside the repeatable hearts, there appear to be 6 main events. Someone kindly posted the below map onto Reddit.

I killed the Wurm and I liked this fight. The worm looked good, moved really well and the fight wasn’t just a stand and pew pew event as he spat AOE at you, I fell into the lava and died lol.
I later went and found the Sloth Queen and my excitement was quickly dampened. I was expecting a similar, but toned down fight, to the Slothasor raid boss. This sloth queen did a ground pound and then was dead in less than 2 minutes, she appeared to have zero toughness, no attacks worthy of noting down and we just bashed her down so quickly.  I am not sure if it I intended or bugged, only time will tell on that.

Whilst travelling around the map I unlocked a few achievements by killing a few things and collections some items, but I will most likely finish off missing ones by following a guide. Leadexample.net have a very good guide, in working progress, to help you get through them all if you are lazy like me.

Like other maps there are items to collect. In Ember Bay you can collect a series of Mursaat tokens and collect bits of Cami’s journal.

This map uses Unbound Magic still, but has another currency that sits I your inventory, not wallet, called Petrified wood. This can be used to buy various items from Vendors around the map including some more Ascended items – A new backpack and accessories. The backpack is fugly in my opinion, but I guess it appeals to some.

The best bit about this map is the Skritt. Who doesn’t wanna meet Pirate Skritt? I love the Skritt always have, I wish I could play Skritt as a race. There is one part of the bay that has an area with Skritt you need to help. If you was on discord with me last night you would have heard me squeal and coo in excitement when I found out I could pick one up and cradle it in my arms.

So I present you with Simon the skritt!

In my opinion this is a very nice patch indeed. I enjoyed the first story step; I am looking forward to finishing it. I am also looking forward to working through the map, the items and achievements that all go with it.

Not everyone loves PvP, but I do. I might not be great at it, but I like the fluidness of each fight and the mechanics of the maps. In this patch a new PvP map was also released. Called the Eternal Coliseum. With this map is another set of Time Limited achievements and a new title. These will be removed after the next pvP season, so go get grinding!

 Quote from the release page –

Battle for glory in this Player vs. Player tribute to gladiatorial combat! Capture the artifacts of the gods to strike down your downed enemies or gain an instant resurrection when downed. The crowd will cheer—or jeer—for your triumphs and defeats.



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