Sensor Hunt – Seis Burntheart

So yesterday I finished of my achievements for the studying of recent tremors and I picked the Primordus Staff, the staff is the only weapon I don’t have many skins for as I don’t usually play classes that use a staff and its 2 handed so would cost less lodestone to craft.

Overall this set of current events were done a little better than previous ones as there was no unnecessary waiting around and you had to actually get involved yourself as the spots where the tremors were found were client based I believe? So no loading a Dulfy guide and mindlessly going through it.

Fun Fact

Seis Burntheart – Her name is a possible reference to seismic, relating to earthquakes or other vibrations of the earth. In Dutch it is also similar to “zeis”, the word for scythe. Source, the wiki.

This is definitely not a collection I am going to rush and complete as I really hate these skins. I’m still undecided if I should sell the cores and lodestones I have or if I should keep them. There has been a bit of speculation that they may drop from the new Ring of Fire maps and the price will go down.

It’s going to be quite an investment to make the rest of the weapons and it seems a bit meh as I don’t like the skins, the only benefit is you get a free ascended weapon and it just so happens its a weapon people have been wanting and speculating about for a number of years. The Destroyer Scythe.

The chat link is: [&CnsTAAA=]






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