Do I need a new guild?

As per the title,

People have stopped logging in as much and those that do log in don’t really chat in guild much, some do not rep and as a guild the members rarely do anything together. It is such a shame this has happened as things were great for some time and I loved being where I was, but I find myself increasingly lonely and us gamers don’t play MMO’s to be alone!

The guild seems to be caught in a sad loop where events do not happen because non one signs up and no one signs up because events don’t happen – which makes the guild roster just a list of people. I find myself in a situation where I am doing everything alone and the guild do not interact with each other and the leaders don’t seem to fix it and a lot of the guild have interest in other games so I feel it might be time to move on.

I am putting the feelers out and looking at new guilds, I need a guild where the leaders are 100% committed to Guild Wars and it’s their main passion, game and focus. I find when the guild members play other games they drift in and out of the game and become less reliable as the passion isn’t there. In the times leaders drift out the game the guild loses something, I can’t explain what it is, but I feel it all the same. GW2 is my only game, I am completely addicted and I play a lot so I think a small guild is not suitable for me anymore.

I think I need a slightly bigger guild that creates content for its members. There are loads of guilds out there that offer what I need, but loads of them are also Central Europe based and this is a huge problem for me. Due to them being an hour or so ahead, when I settle down after coming in from work and cooking & eating dinner it is normally around 7:30, which is 9:30 their time so I miss out on a lot of stuff.

I am not sure if I have my “ideal vision” of what  guild should be, that no one can live up too or if I am simply joining the wrong guilds, but I am starting to get frustrated. I have advertised for a UK time based guild a few times before and not caught much attention, although I have seen a few adverts on the past few days that look promising, but…. I am really scared.

There’s always that time where you need to get to know the new guild members and that can be scary. People where I am are used to me and my ways and know my skill level what I am capable of and I have to get to this stage all over again with a new guild. What if the grass is always greener and when you move on its exciting at first and then becomes dull?

Should I stay put where I am or shall I move on? should I join a new guild and un-rep the current or just click the leave button? One thing I know for sure I am not happy, I am lonely, but I am also scared I’ll be even more lonely.



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