I have won a Charr Plushie!!!

Thanks Dragon Season for contacting me to let me know I am a winner of a Charr Plushie


You’ve won an elusive and incredibly cuddly Charr Plushie in our competition! If you reply to this email with your address, I’ll send you the charr plushie as soon as I can.
I really liked Scarlet, and thought she was a very interesting villain. I know several people (including you now) who love her as a character, which is awesome. I reckon she’d make a great revenant legend.
I’ve just checked out your website too, and congrats on Meteorlogicus! And on 5 legendaries!
Thank you for entering our competition, and congratulations once again!
@tyriantweets / Wedge

So this little baby will be mine and he can sit next to my Blue Quaggan my son got me for Xmas 🙂
Thank you Dragon Season and thank you Wedge, I have the biggest smile across my face!


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