I Did it!! I made Meteorlogicus!

I have been working on the collection for Storm for what seems like ages. Tier 1 and 2 were ok to do in terms of in-game items to collect and people to talk to, places to visit etc. The cost was not to bad as I spent a lot of time farming the materials myself. That’s what probably took the most time. It seemed like eternity (pardon the legendary pun) to make 35 Spirit Wood Planks!

When it got to tier three it took ages to finish. I had to play with RNG and make sure I was on the right map at the right time to catch the temple events I needed. That took about a week to sort as I also did other stuff while i was looking out for them. I had a couple of small dynamic events that bugged out, which is really frustrating and ANet really need to sort that shit out!! There was A LOT of waiting around in the final collection to make storm and I did personally feel there was too much waiting around.

But Saturday 27th August, I finally made the precursor!

I then rummaged through my account to get all the stuff together for my gifts. I am in a lucky place as I have 2 additional accounts I log on as day and grab the daily log in rewards for. I also try to complete as many dailies as I can do get the 2g payout. i raided those accounts for a combined value of 150 gold and converted their 170 laurels into T6 materials through the laurel vendor.

I was short of a few bits on bobs here and there so purchased the rest. I went down from 600g to 175 gold, which isn’t bad going in my opinion. this included the purchase of 100 icy rune stones, which is a straight up 100 gold.Cannot be farmed!


An then Face Palm!! I have no Gift of Battle. 😦

This is 8 hours of WvW or 5 hours with boosters. Hoarding does pay off though as I had 26 WvW potions sitting in my bank so that was 1/4 of the reward track done.

The rest of the reward I semi afk’d while hopping on an off a capture point in WvW for a few hours while catching up with the last few episodes of Celebrity Big Brother. Now my grudge here is if this is the most efficient way of completing the reward track why not bring back the option of purchasing the gift with badges of honour. Seriously ANet what contribution is an average PvE player like me bringing to this game mode and its community by doing this? What is the point?

But Voila!

I finished the reward track this morning and made Meteorlogicus. I love it and at the same finished off my legendary collector achievement and got a nice 25AP


Go Me! I am allowed to brag right now


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