GW2 shuts down its servers :(

So today I just started to do the current events update and was kicked from the game. Did really think much of it as crashes happen, but then couldn’t log back in.

The below message was posted by Mike O’Brien this evening on the game’s forums.

“There’s a bug in today’s release that can cause soulbound items in an inventory bag other than your first bag to become soulbound to a different character on your account. We can fix the bug with no damage done, except we can’t straightforwardly fix it if you’ve moved one of those incorrectly soulbound items into bank storage. We’ll have to work on a solution for characters in that state. To prevent additional players from getting into this state, we’re going to shut down the game servers until we can fix this bug.”

In the three and a half years I have never experienced a server downtime like this, I decided to log onto GW1 and finish off a few Wayfarers Reverie locations in time for the Festival this week – when I logged out I found a message waiting for me from a friend. The servers are being rolled back! :O



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