Salty sea dog

This weekend I finished my Salty Sea Dog achievements in the new Revenge of the Capricorn PvP map. I love this new map, its small enough to dart around and flip points easily, its new and different, but it does have some set backs.
Sometimes you get really crap games where you are with a team that don’t know the map, and on the same note you get really good wins where the opposing team is inexperienced against you. This will obviously even out as time goes by and people learn it.

The map is really easy to get the hang of. You have your three points as normal and when the time reaches 12, 9, 6 & 3 minutes you can ring the bell for additional points – 25 for the first time and goes up by a further 25 points each time you ring it.

It’s really important to note that the cap point appears 30 seconds before the time to ring the bell, but the point cannot be capped until the designated time. If the enemy team is on the point and none of your team is on it, it can be capped really quick and the enemy team can quickly stack up points.
Most games I played I made sure I was on the point ready and waiting for it to become active in the hope the head start paid off, most times it did.  Sometimes the enemy teams were better in the team fight and my team couldn’t take the bell, other times I left the team on the bell and went off and capped points around the arena to ensure points were still ticking as the mass fight took place.

I completed the player kills and  number of times the bell was rung first, followed by the de-capping of points, defending points and games won.

The queueing for this map was agonising, it probably should have had a separate queue especially since there are temporary achievements tied to it. I wanted to get mine done quick to ensure I grabbed the achievements whilst the map is hot as I fear it may get difficult to queue as time goes on.

There have been a few threads on Reddit where people have complained that the map is not in a separate queue and threads complaining of other player negativity to players that didn’t pick Capricorn as a map choice and some even refused to play the PvP game as Capricorn wasn’t chosen.

Even though a few times I ended up having to play an old maps, and was really disappointed Capricorn wasn’t chosen,  I still put effort in and played the best I could and it’s a shame others didn’t.

Overall I love the new map and I hope it goes into ranked, I enjoyed working on map base achievements and would but happy to do more on other maps if they introduced them. But if the APs are temporary they should be on a separate queue.

You can watch a short video of the map here:

A written guide here:


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