A Little tribute to Eir Stegalkin

Eir Died when HoT was released, so I mark her death as 26th October, a bit like I marked the death of scarlet as 4th March.

In the below video you will see the Death of Eir and a few clips I have recorded in the remembrance dialog in-game from Living Story S3 patch.

So in summary what do we know about Eir?

Eir Stegalkin was a Norn ranger who was the leader  of Destiney’s Edge she lived at Homestead on the outskirts of Hoelbrak. Here you can find herself and statues of various Norn and Snaff. At Homestead you will also find her beloved pet Garm. Garm is a black dire wolf and is stated to be five feet tall!. Eir was also mother to Braham Eirsson who is a Guardian that has had a part in many living story releases.  ( I have included wiki links for further reading)

She was she is well-known and respected and will always hold a place in my heart alongside Scarlet. A friend did a legacy write-up on the forums just after HoT. You can find this here

Eir Quotes

The journey continues. You have my attention.

I wish you clear skies.

It’s good to see you here.

The road is long. I wish you well.

May the Spirits of the Wild watch over you.



  • Eir is voiced by Jocelyn Blue.
  • Eir’s name comes from the Nordic mythic figure, Eir, who is a valkyrie and/or goddess in Norse mythology. The name means “mercy.”
  • Garm is a dog who guards the gate of Hel and is associated with Ragnarök in Norse Mythology.
  • It is mentioned in J. Robert King’s Edge of Destiny that Garm’s eyes are of a “fire-red” color, yet in the game they are blue.
  • Garm has been confirmed to weigh 280 pounds (127kg).
  • Braham is voiced by Sam Riegel.[1]
  • No other NPC shares appearance with Braham.
  • Braham’s original name was Dyre, but some of the developers felt that the pronunciation sounded too much like “Die, Eir” so it was changed.[2]


Below is another little video of Homestead and the statues there she has carved, documenting some of the history of the Norn. I will never forget the first time I met Jora when I went back and played GW1.




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