GW2 Feature Patch 26.07.16 – Out of the Shadows

So last week we had a very anticipated Feature Patch which included some bug fixes, class balancing, QoL changes and Living Story Season 3!!!

Out of the Shaows link

The LFG bug has been fixed which is just amazing. Now when you put a LFG up you can put a description in and even change the description from the old message to a new one. This bug used to frustrate me when I used to LFG fractals as people would enter wanting the wrong fractal as the description wasn’t changed to what I had edited it too. So this is a huge thumbs up from me as now my Tyria life is less frustrating.

Achievements are now listed better – you now see the achievements you that are not completed at the top, this is great for a veteran like me that has ticked many off, it became quite a chore having to scroll every time you enter the list to see what needs to be done, Thank you ANet for this! I have also got new achievements to grind though in Bloodstone Fen and the new PvP map.

You can now salvage all!! All you need to do is right-click your salvage kit and select salvage all “masterwork” and below. This saves loads of time after doing a meta event or two!!

Thank you ANet.

We got a new fractal, The Chaos Isles, in the patch and a new way to store agony! Now agony infusions can go into any infusion slot so universal across trinkets, armour and weapons, less confusing for newbies and all slots can take a minimum of 5 and as bag as you can make. The post common people will use is likely to be a mixture of +9s and +7s. They can now go up to 9AR with a +5 of a stat to make you just a little bit more powerful, this is mainly for the rich through! I will be working my way through those slowly once prices settle.

Infusions –

  • Raiders – Should aim for just the +5 stat infusions unless rich.
  • Fractal goers – Should aim for the AR infusions and work towards the ones with +5 stat
  • Mega Rich – well you can just make the top-tier and have loads of AR and adnl stat boost.

KING infusion guide

The biggest improvement to fractals was the menu that popped up when you enter. Now you get the list of fractals in a table with AR levels and what tier they are in, if said fractal is a daily then it is highlighted with a little purple symbol. This is a huge step in the right direction as before if you wanted to know what the dailies were you had to either go into the fractals or go into your hero panel.

I did dabble in the new fractal, it’s pretty good. It was nice to see all elements of existing fractals to be combined in a whacky kinda way. I only did a level 13 to test I out and didn’t find it difficult to work through with just 1 exception!!! The challenging bit I found was the stupid forest with the snowstorm and maw tentacles. It’s not the easiest to navigate tough and ended up dead a lot as once hit by mobs I couldn’t run to the fire fast enough.

KING Chaos Fractal guide

Finally living story 3, it got off to a bad start as patch day EU servers crashed. I couldn’t get in for over an hour and when I did get back in the story instance wouldn’t load. So I logged off and left it.

The next day I started by paying my respects to Eir, such a sad loss as I loved Eir as a fellow Norn. I had the choice to pay my respects how I felt I needed too. I crafted some sculptures and cleaned and fed Garm and finally danced in her honour. I have recorded some in-game bits for keepsake which I will share later.

I then moved on to the main storyline and entered a new map. Wow this new map is awesome to look at and had some great events popping up, overall it was well done. My first aim here is to farm enough unbound magic for the home instance node and back piece. (around 15k magic and 200 Ruby)

The good thing that came from this map is you can get free stat selectable ascended bloodstone Amulets. Good move ANet, for those that don’t raid, you have now made these items easier to get! After I had completed my new mastery I was able to continue my story and I won’t say much more just in case someone else has found my boring blog.

I will note that I found the story, well written but way to short (around 30 mins, ignoring time gates) and I am disappointed that I have to wait 2 to 3 months before the next install. I am interested in the new dragon reveal, is this a red herring or is this fact? Will the living story lead up to the new dragon and expansion?


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