I have given up all hope – GW2 Raiding

I have casually been raiding since around Feb 16 I was really driven and motivated to work through the wings, all I could think about was raiding and achieving stuff. To this day I have killed VG, Gorse, Trio & McLeod the Silent. I don’t get enough exposure on the rest and I doubt I will in a hurry.

So… Right now….. I am deflated, worn out and I have actually given up hope. I think I have to realise I am lacking player skill and I now feel empty. I am a kind of player that can learn the mechanics of things and learn what to do when and why, but I do not always perform the most optimal rotation, no way at the skill level of KING, rT or DnT but I am not a basic noob either.

As time goes on the LI requirement goes up and up so I am unable to get decent practice with PUG’s as they want kill proof. I do get into pug groups and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, sometimes they stay for more than one boss sometimes they disband party. It is really frustrating and you waste so much time putting your LFG up every 5 mins and scrolling up and down the LFG list. You can sit there for a good hour only to join a group and they are inexperienced training and didn’t mention it in the LFG or they rage quit – you then you waist another hour to repeat this step!

I have joined the odd NonRep training/LFG guild here and there and found you still fight for your place and you are means tested. So if you do not get adequate training from your guild where do you go? Join a new guild or evaluate yourself (professions, Skill Abilities etc) and maybe give up I suppose?
One thing I have learnt is loyalty gets you know where, if for whatever reason you stumbled across this post and my boring blog, if you’re not on a team don’t be loyal, think about yourself and be selfish as everyone else is – A large number of people in the raiding community tend to go off and get what they need or just leave a bad group and find another so think about no 1

I will continue to join in on guild training nights as I may as well farm the shards and get the kills I can as it’s a good way to buy ascended stuff if I need it, but from now on, I will not work on Legendary armour, I think I will concentrate on finishing off various collections in: Tyria, HoT & Dry Top, tick off the few remaining fractal levels for the achievement.

The future looks “okay” as a casual PvE bitch: I am a completionist and there are lots of things to finish off and complete throughout the game. So fuck you legendary armour and fuck you raids.


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