Mystic Clover Misery

I have been quiet the past week or so as I have been really busy working on PvP and the fractal backpack.

So this weekend I finally crafted my fractal backpack. I bitched about the mystic forge recipe on Reddit, but I don’t think people quite got what I was trying to say.


I personally have made a few legendries now and I am currently working on another, (Meteorlogicus for my Necro) but it’s currently only on precursor collection stage and I have a lot of wood to gather. 😦

I am quite custom to the fact that legendaries cost a lot of money to make and is something that is prestigious, I nearly cried when I cleared my T6 materials out to make the gift of fortune, but I’m fine with this, there is an end result, I use the matts to make a gift to progress the legendary crafting.

What I do have a problem with is the RNG in the mystic clovers. I had 35 clovers in my bank from login and PvP rewards over time, which meant I was 42 short. For those not familiar with the recipe you combine Mystic coins, ecto and other bits into the forge in the hope RNGesus gives you the required clovers, if it fails you get t6 materials in return.

Saturday morning I found myself using up around 300 mystic coins and ecto that’s over 300 gold, to add salt to the wounds I was presented with some useless crap in return, like mystic crystals and gossamer for example. My problem isn’t the cost I had to invest as such, I don’t mind paying for mystic clovers, my problem is the RNG in it. I could have spent a lot more or a lot less.

If I was to totally grind out my legendary and farm all the materials needed for the precursor and then go on to farm all the materials for the gifts, it would take me 11 months of logging in just to get the 77 clovers needed as you only get 7 a month. I could get an extra 2 to 7 mystic clovers from certain PvP rewards tracks but haven’t really tested how long it takes to grind through one.

I have a few legendary goals, I currently have: Twilight, Sunrise, Bolt and Ad Infinitum. I wish to make: Meteorlogicus, Moot, The Howler and The Ascension when I get it. At this rate I will need to log on for 44 months!

I am not asking for clovers to be thrown at me, but I would like to see a more reliant way of getting them. I am more than happy to throw cash at a recipe for a guaranteed return, but I struggle to accept the RNG of them.

Anyways – it’s something I just have to live with and I will need to save gold for the clovers alongside farming them from login and PvP 😦


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