Guild Wars 2 this week

I’ve have quite a jam-packed week this week!

Monday night for the first time in ages, the raid group I raid with managed to kill VG within 20 mins, for a number of weeks we have struggled with VG and to this day I do not know why as we were all very capable of killing it and have done so many times. This then resulted in a decent go at gorse which resulted in, after a little pain, a kill.

And I got a mini Gors! Woo!

It was here I realised just how out of practise I was. I definitely need to be doing gorse more often and I need to make sure I create these opportunities! What didn’t help was that I spent a lot of timing switching in and out of classes on Gorse to try to fit the group, I think this will have to stop as at one point I got mixed up and forgot what class I was on and I made stupid mistakes and could have played better.

I now normally play Condi Necro on VG and plan to take this through most raid bosses. I have a PS warrior and DPS Guardian as backup. I suppose the problem I have is I play the 3 most popular classes. I know that I will never master a Condi Engi or never play a Mesmer at an adequate level and I would never want to be responsible for keeping people alive – so I don’t see the point in putting stress on the group if I do so.

So due to killing both VG and Gorse Monday evening, for the first time ever that meant we were able to have a really good attempt at practising Sabetha. We practised on her Tuesday & Wednesday and although we didn’t get a kill we came out more experienced as we did before.

I always freaked out when I got a little green bomb, but these runs I managed to calmly turn around and throw it to the jump pad for an eager Ele to destroy the cannon. I think I will watch the Wooden Potatoes vid on Sab so I see the other champions then go pug it for more experience.

Last night I finally dinged 100 fractal level so now well on my way with finishing my T4 Fractal backpack collection.  Mai Trin isn’t hard on a lvl 100 either. 🙂

What’s in store for the rest of this week? Well tonight I will either be training on sloth, hopefully, but not likely, killing it then moving onto Trio as that’s a nice easy kill or kill Trio and then move onto training with Matthias. This guy scares me, went there once when someone put a training sessions in LFG when this wing was first released. Not bene back since, but there is so much room for fuckups, especially if sacrifices and poison pools go wrong.

At the weekend I will probably just bum around during the day, but Saturday il be pugging either Sab or Sloth for experience and Sunday I will be on training raids with my new training raid guild.

Going forward, now I have reached 100 Fractal and nearly done with backpack I will most likely concentrate on raiding a lot, finishing off some achievements and do the odd fractal here and there. I’ve had shitty drops from fractals past few months and I am not really seeing a lot of gold come from them either and it really isn’t worth me investing my time into them anymore. Why waste an hour or two doing T4’s when I get crappy RNG junk that doesn’t sell for much, when I can log in do 3 dailies for 2g and speed run 8 dungeon paths for 5g?


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