GW2 – Further Gambling Confessions



I have been a bad girl!



Several weeks back I wrote that I got addicted to Gambling Ecto on Guild Wars 2. In this blog I mentioned I won big and treated myself to a few shinies. I also mentioned I lost a fair bit and I was to give up and concentrate on other bits of gaming.

Well. . . . . . . . .alongside progressing with PvP, Raids and Fractals, I have still been gambling…. I win and I lose but nothing major to report on. I have calmed my gambling a lot but I just have to buy that Ecto Gift and open it to see what I get, I do this daily, sometimes more than once.

This week I have been even more stupid, ever since ANet announced they have increased the drop rates on the permanent contracts I have bought gems to buy keys to click little boxes and hope I get great pixel loot!

I have spent just over 10,000 gems, I’m stupid lol. The only notable things that have dropped are 2 chaos weapons, 4 or 5 Balthazar weapons, of which I have sent to my second account as I refuse to sell them for 20g and waiting for them to increase! I had just under 15 full tickets made up tickets and scraps, Dye Packs, Mini’s and Minipet tickets. The amount of boosters, lvl up tomes and other crap you get is disgusting, I already have loads of chars, and all level 80 and I’m maxed out on masteries. To what use could I possible have with stacks on tomes and boosters?

Note to one self – I must not go to a casino!


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