GW2 PvP Matchmaking – Season 3

I am finding the matching making a lot more on my side this season!

The first season I thought I was matched well, I won some and I lost some, but overall  I was progressing through Emerald at a healthy rate.

The second season, I felt let down by matchmaking I found it a huge challenge to creep out of Amber and into Emerald and from then I was suffering losing streaks of 10 to 15. It was impossible to move out of the first tier and I swear to this day I wasn’t matched correctly.

I would win back a game grab my pip and then lose it all again as it appeared I was matched with people who hadn’t played PvP before – They would fight outside of a neutral point, not stomp an enemy allowing them to get back up and just appear to not know what was going on. Unfortunately I didn’t commit to both seasons so I will never know what tier I  would have finished in.

This season I have found matching to be a bit more on my side, I have had really good and closely scored games. I have had funny moments as well though,  as I have been matched weirdly like below –

I was the only warrior in the whole game the rest were necros and rangers on each team lol. I was expecting to lose. We actually did ok, we pulled through and ended up winning the game!

I had some really nice games, some have been very close and very exciting as we couldn’t tell what side would win as they were that close. Those games are the best because when you win you feel you deserved the win! I have had some games where we were losing and then the team turned the map around and dominated which resulting in our team gaining enough points to eventually win the game. also another one of my favourite type of game.

But…… You also get the below type of games, these games are not nice and I feel bad for the enemy team 😦


These two circled abandoned the game after the first minute and the poor team had to play as 3. This shouldn’t go on and ANet should make a more damaging punishment than not being able to play for a few games/hours. but it needs to be anti DC proof as sometimes people do disconnect as well. This kind of behaviour really spoils PvP 😦

So what does this season bring for me? Well we are currently 1 week in, I have finished season 2 meta, a 3rd of the way through season 3  and 1 tier away from Sapphire. If I play regularly through the season and a matchmaking that appears to be working I am quite hopeful I will finish season 3 meta and I could possibly progress into Ruby.


Good luck any PvPers reading this!



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