Migraine Achievement – GW2 Heart of Thorns

Migraine achievement turned out to be just a minor headache!!


I pugged this achievement Sunday afternoon as last time I tried this with a guild group, but it couldn’t cope with the conditions as soon as Eir started firing her arrows and I haven’t bothered since. This pug group had decent players and we all avoided the heavy condition AOE and with our time, effort and a little convenience from bugs we did it.

For those who are unaware, you need to do it to finish the Heart of Thorns story achievements to get the Mordrem Loop amulet and mastery point. The amulet lets you pick any stat in game so I will be choosing vipers for my Necro.

You replay the last fight, Heart and Minds in extreme mode and this is recommended for 5 players and if any party member dies the cannot re-join the fight and have to watch from a respawn area above. It is also advised to pick Braham and Canach to avoid the pale tree fight.

To quote Dulfy

Be prepared to spend hours on it.

Took us 45 mins to an hour 🙂

The first go someone in the party accidently picked Braham and Caithe, but we decided to go with it to see what will happen. The idea of the Eir fight is you kill Garm, which will then prompt Eir to revive him, whilst Eir is doing this you can DPS her down, rinse and repeat.


Luckily for us Garm perma died and Eir bugged out and just stood there and took a pounding. It was quite a funny moment and we all had a giggle about the bug, but then we moved onto the second fight…..

The pale tree is a right bitch towards the end of the fight. The explosion is map wide and undodgeable! We did do really well to be fair, we got really far but eventually wiped.

When we restarted we made sure we picked the right two (Braham and Canach) and started. We didn’t experience the Eir bug again, but it certainly didn’t take 10 revives like the Dulfy guide suggested. At one point I was wondering if they had nerfed it as the fight was so easy. The canach fight was a nice easy fight. All that was required was DPS and CC.

Then onto the next phase…. For those not familiar with the actual mordy fight, its long and boring. You DPS Mordy down a little and then at certain phases he brings in past and present alliances as blighted enemies, you kill these and open a rift and suck them in and turn them into your allies. You do do this for: Rytlock, Marjory, Caithe, Trahearne and in my case Tybalt as my Necro isn’t aligned to an order. In-between these blighted allies there will be phases where the floor is covered in electric and vents will appear, you need to go into these and glide up and around the arena, when this is finished some of the area will fall away.

There is an achievement to be gained on the gliding phase called flights of fancy, where you cannot be hit by debri whilst gliding, its quite fiddly to get as you can no longer perch on a branch!

The final part of the fight is where Mordremoth will send minions towards you while one of your allies attempts to open the rift. Clear the minions before activating the rift which will stun Mordremoth allowing you to attack.

We wiped here and had to restart.


When we restarted, the fight got bugged and the first part with all the blighted allies merged together with the final fight with the minions. So whilst we were sucking the blighted into the rift, we were stunning and damaging Mordy. This led to us killing Mordy very quick and avoiding the updraft phases and cheesing the flights of fancy achievement lol!

God bless GW2 Bugs that work in your favour!


Links if you need them 🙂





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