Year of the Ascension part iii


So Season 3 has hit us, and I still remain ever so envious!!

I really, really want the Ascension Legendary Backpiece. I actually prefer it over the Fractal one. I have a problem though, I am not good at PvP at all.

In the first season (Year of the Ascension Part I) I finished the meta and nearly crossed over to Sapphire half way through, not sure how much further I would have got as I stopped to get on and do some PvE stuff, Maybe the Wintersday patch?

Year of the Ascension Part II – for the first week I struggled to get out of amber, (I found it relatively easy 1st season, did it in a weekend) no matter what I did would win one then lose another 15 times. So I gave up PvP again for a PvE patch, a very worthy one of course! S.A.B!!!

This season I need to try and complete the 2nd meta as I am only 5/11 and work my way through the 3rd as much as I can, just in the slightest hope that I may be able to at least make the precursor backpiece as I doubt very much I will be able to cross 4 divisions (unless of course there are more than 4 seasons and it works on an aggregate? I Hope ANet doesn’t release another PvE patch whilst this is on lol!


I enjoy PvP I used to be part of a casual team, some members in that team were decent, but we played for fun. We used to have a right laugh every Monday. We actually won quite a bit too considering they had me lol.

My problem is I am not very good at reading other classes, predicted what they will do next and how to counter it. I am aware of the Map Mechanics and point flipping, but sometime I just die in fights due to my lack in ability. I am “ok” at PvE, but PvE is learning a mechanic of a boss that doesn’t think like a human, so even if you are a little bad you can still learn what it does, when and counter it.

I am fine with my lack of ability, I’d like to be better, but I am not going to beat myself up about it either. I am currently rank 69 and slowly making my way to rank 80, but we all know rank 80 doesn’t mean you have skills, it just means you have put time and effort in.

If I don’t get it, I will always be envious of it, but I also think it is a really great thing that the PvP have something they can work their way through and get a way to obtain a desired shiny that not everyone is able to get!!!

Info on the PvP season –


2 thoughts on “Year of the Ascension part iii

    • Emmalouise says:

      Hiya 🙂

      I’m working on season 4 at the moment. I am in Sapphire at the moment and there is no way I will cross 4 divisions from Sapphire. I am just going to work my way through the rest of the AP the best I can.

      The problem with this season, is I think due to some people already having obtained their backpiece there is a lack of layers queuing.

      I’m struggling a little too. 😦 but ANET have kinda confirmed that season 5 will be coming with the new progression changes they blogged about.


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