Mike O’Brien – 20 years of gaming


PC Gamer celebrated Blizzards 20th anniversary in April. There is a 2 part story and the first one can be found here

PC Gamer looked at what people have been involved and what they have gone off to do around the industry. The full sized infographic can be seen here  (much easier to read)

In a nutshell ANet’s very own Mike O’Brien (MO for short) worked on: Warcraft II & III, Diablo I & II, and StarCraft before starting ANet

Quote from PC Gamer

It’s difficult to measure exactly what Blizzard’s effect on the gaming industry has been, but one glance at the monster-sized image below tells you it’s big. Go ahead, look around—every game here had at least one ex-Blizzard employee working on it. From casual adventures to hardcore shooters, they’re everywhere!

Areas covered in the blog are:


  • PC-Exclusive Primetime Commercials
  • The face of PC gaming
  • Internet cafes
  • Disease control
  • Three-way asymmetric RTS design
  • Nerdification
  • The subscription model
  • Laws
  • Guild meetups
  • Professional PC gameplay
  • Blizzcon
  • Defense of the Ancients
  • Battle.net
  • Moose Defence?
  • Lingo!
  • Marriages
  • Charity
  • South Korea
  • The MMO Mouse
  • Feature Quality Cutscenes

It’s a really interesting writeup and it is definitely worth a read!

Link to news post – http://www.pcgamer.com/20-years-of-blizzard-blizzards-dna-2/


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