Drunkenness, Sabetha and a small helping of Sloth!


This weekend was a nice weekend in terms of raiding – Friday I helped fill a spot on my guilds training group for VG, wasn’t going in for a kill even though I hadn’t managed to find time to kill it this week after another Monday fail.

VG –Their idea of training is to group up, get drunk, take it easy and show people basic mechanics. There were a few sticky moments as we needed to show how the boss works and some hadn’t seen VG do his full rotation. We wiped quite a bit, but as time went on we saw the party get further and further and the fights became more meaningful and people got a bit more confident and then….. DING! We killed it. This made us as a group very happy as the party consisted of a few new members and the rest intoxicated. (myself included) I had fun, they had fun, we got rewarded J

SAB – Saturday night led me to attended a scheduled training session for Sabetha, I have really been looking forward to this one! I am a complete noob at this and have never approached the fight as I had never been given an opportunity to train on her. My aim here is to get a decent amount of training in so I can happily attend a group run and get a kill.

I know basic mechanics of the fight, I know the person closest to her will be target with a big bomb that needs to be moved away before it explodes. I know that people will be target with a smaller bomb that needs to be thrown at a jump pad to launch an Ele up to kill a turret. And whilst all this is going on we need to avoid her flame wall and also DPS her and her champions.

So we were there, I was avoiding the flame wall, stacking on the south, north west etc then poof I get a little bomb. Now I knew all I had to do was turn around, throw at pad and launch Ele up to turret. Sounds easy right?

WRONG! I panicked, screamed, ran around saying omg I got bomb, (you have a 5 second window to throw the bomb) the turret didn’t get taken down and we had too much AOE, we wiped.

Now as a PS warrior I could technically just position myself right and avoid getting this bomb as I noticed the other did just this, but this wouldn’t make me a good player. I want to be able to take the bomb and throw it without me turning into a headless chicken and panicking. I want to make sure if I go pug it and for whatever reason I get the bomb I can deal with it so I don’t embarrass myself. This is a good fight, I enjoyed myself, but I definitely need lots more exposure, which I will get slowly but surely.

Sloth – I had ventured out and had a little go on sloth a little while back, but again I have not had an opportunity to practice on him. Last night after Guild Missions me and a buddy put an LFG up, sorted a group and went out and had a few rounds on sloth. I must admit I was rusty and made a few schoolgirl errors, but it started to come back to me. We didn’t kill sloth, we got him down to around 30%. This is something else I need practice at and I think I need to make more of an effort to get the practice in.

My problem is there I don’t seem to be progressing into anything other than VG, its down to my own personal skill level completely (I am a casual try hard), but more down to the fact that the opportunities have not come my way and I need to fix this!

Epiphany – During writing this I notice there is a pattern to my raiding. I don’t get the opportunities to get exposure to progress through the wings, but to be honest I am not sure how I go out and get exposure without blagging my way through and making a bad name for myself. So I have decided just now, whilst writing this sentence that I am going to be more proactive and try to drag my new guildies in to learn the various bosses or even put the odd LFG up and venture out on my own as I don’t want to end up just doing VG and Gors each week.

This is especially important as the items that are purchased from the raid vendors are locked out to various kills (also droppable from the boss) and legendary armour is going to require me to kill each boss at least once to complete the collection. I am unsure if I will ever make Legendary armour, but I wouldn’t want to be held off getting it due to not being able to progress through the wings.


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