I found a new guild!


I have been in a guild called “Keepers of the Shadows” [KoS] as an alliance member for a little while now as I raid with a few of their members. This week I joined them as a permanent member.

For some considerable amount of time, I have been searching for a guild that offers the same environment I was playing in 2 years ago. The problem is it isn’t the guild name , size or views that create that environment, it’s the people within it. In my old guild some of the people I adored stopped playing altogether, some moved on to other area of the game and found new guilds. As these people left they took some of the magic with them and my gaming became a lot more dull as time went on, to follow drama happened (not innocent) and I left. I did move on to create my own guild to try and replicate what I once had, but I got stressed and disbanded it.

It’s only been a few days in KoS so far and things are looking very promising. Guild chat is alive, people choose to come on mumble to chat and hang out regardless if they are doing stuff together and they appear to be active, always willing to do something.

It’s a small guild with under 100 members, but the turn out each night is far above average. There are people at all different kinds of skill level with different interests so I will always have someone to do something with, if I chose to be alone this wouldn’t be an issue either.

The guild is also UK based so guild missions and other things are planned around my time zone which is fantastic!!

The people that raid have experience in killing Sabetha so I can finally get some practice experience with her as this is something I was seriously lacking before now. We have already briefly expressed that we want to progress & go off to throw our swords around in wing 2! These guys are defiantly hungry to try all aspects of the game and to work through challenging content, this is fantastic as I lacked these kind of people for some time!

Their laidback approach is working as the guild is running well. They don’t worry about running a website and use Facebook and Whatsapp to keep in touch/share their finds outside of game. The main motto is “fun first, skill later” although they do have skills. 

So overall, yer I am really happy I have stumbled across these guys and I hope things work out and we have a bright future.

I would like to finish by saying two things:

1. If your reading this (not sure if anyone stumbles across my blog or not?) and you are lonely in Guild Wars 2 or any other game you may play, please go off and find a guild. It makes your gaming life a lot more worth it.
2. I would like to thank the old guild I was in and out of, you did give me some of my best gaming experiences and I have learned a lot from you. People came and went, and came again, but a select few of you are still my friends today. 


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